1. codeman1234

    How to create demos for themes?

    Hello, I am building an affiliate themeshop and I would like to know what is the best procedure to create theme demos so user can see live demo of theme, my shop would have themes from WP, Drupal and Joomla. Thanks!
  2. Ptrick125

    1968 Computer Demo! Video!

    I came across this while I was browsing around, it's a demo of a 1968 computer, and the video was taken in 1968. It's fascinating what they have done with computers, and how they have also stayed somewhat the same over the years. Enjoy!:) Just skip around, and look at some of the features...
  3. luminus

    How to convince users of a demo or trial to buy your product!

    I'm just reading through Robert Cialdini's "Influence, Science and Practice," and wanted to throw out a particular suggestion he makes... If you give someone a gift, they are almost always obliged to give in to something. Send a dollar bill with a survey and you will get far more responses...
  4. K

    how to create demo page [theme wordpress]

    I create free theme wordpress website but i don't know how to create demo page of theme wordpress like this V V Demo Download...
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