deleted accounts

  1. Shinichi Izumi

    Instagram account NOT FOUND!

    many of my instagram accounts couldn't be found i mean has been deleted without any warning - i never used botting on those - never logged from a different IP than the one assigned - email verified & phone verified -profile picture bio & some 1~5 posts addes - never ever spamed DM or used on...
  2. samron77

    Instagram Disabled Account Recovery

    Hello BHW, Does anyone know how to get back your Instagram account back? I have Ig page with 316k followeres and 56k followers respectively but I also had 103k and 186k follower account which IG disabled. All the account are in couple/adult niche. I already tried all the rubbish things people...
  3. K

    Banned from Instagram this morning!

    Currently Using followliker on 5 accounts. My main account has 20k followers and i had my follow and unfollow limits pretty low, lower then most sudjestions on this forum. account is over a year old. Woke up this morning to my account being deleted. My followers love my posts . I am going to...
  4. T

    Multiple YouTube Channels Banned

    I've been using around 50 or so YouTube channels for over a year to drive traffic to my sites and until recently I've never had any problem - I've always been careful to change my IP, never uploaded too much at any one time and always kept content varied but relevant. In the last 48 hrs all...
  5. D

    Twitter WTF? Deleting my acc

    I've been trying to figure out this shit for the last half an hour. I created 5 freakin twitter accounts, all from different IP. I log in, post a random message like "cleaning the house", and I want to upload my profile pic. Whenever I hit upload button, it starts processing and in few...
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