1. ezio1010

    How to delete mu 2000 tweet?

    I want to delete all my of my 2000+ tweets in tweets and reply section? Anyone of you knows the perfect 3rd app for this? Since tweeter changed their API Im trying to avoid getting shadowbanned.. Its been a long time since people mention this problem in this forum.. Any help would be...
  2. mrsmilyy

    Delete video and repost it without affecting my acocunt ?

    hy, sometimes when i post my video still 10 view for all the day, and 2nd day, so i want to delete it and repost in another our i does this already and it work pretty, when i repost, i get more view on the video but i see some people tell to other never delete video in tiktok because your...
  3. V

    Can YouTube Channels Recover from a Bad Algorithm Score or do you have to create a new one?

    Hi guys, so I think I hurt my algorithm score by fiddling with Thumbnails on my YouTube shorts. Short explanation: I posted my YouTube shorts (made them public) for about 30 seconds to check what Thumbnail I would be getting. Usually YouTube would auto-select a pretty bad thumbnail, so I...
  4. V

    Did I kill my channel doing this?

    Hey , So I have a YouTube Channel, specializing on Shorts. As most of you know, YouTube automatically picks a Thumbnail. Since I want to optimize my thumbnail, I first upload my video and publish it for 30 seconds just to check what Thumbnail I get, then I set it on private again. If I’m not...
  5. K

    How to delete products from FACEBOOK shop

    Hi Blackhaters, Can expert guide me how to delete products from Facebook shop. I have used Facebook for Woocommerce plugin and it synced all of my woocommerce products. All i want is to delete all products from the shop and sync the required ones. Help will be appreciated
  6. retsepmi

    steady growth business or average MNC job?

    steady growth business or average MNC job?
  7. M

    I've given a backlink, now I regret it. How can I delete it?

    Hi all, so a few years ago I was still young and naive, and I accepted all guest blogging requests. I thought "why not, he seems like a nice chap and I'll get free content!" Well actually, some of these bloggers that I thought were newbies were in fact very experienced SEOs and were using all...
  8. Lifeisnotgood

    Deleting Fake Instagram Followers!

    Hi I have over 1200 followers in my Instagram Account. I don't know how many are fake's but i think over 500. It seems i can't delete those using PC (log in to main Instagram page), because there isn't those "three dots" thing where is the option to delete follower. So i have to use the...
  9. M

    Please deleted my account

    Can you delete my account please, I make some mistakes
  10. DeRoyce

    GMT2 - how can I delete 1 post.

    Hi guys, I have a problem, I've uploaded 1 post on my account by a mistake. And I want to delete it. But I don't know how to do it. I'm using GMT2 and the only threads I see are about low performing posts and delete posts function, but I just want to delete this ONE, last post. I tried by...
  11. M

    delete my account

    delete my account please and thank you
  12. T

    How can I delete an account I lost access to?

    I lost access to an account that's been inactive since 2013. I made it using an email at which I cannot remember and is long gone, the password is none of my usual ones. The account is using my real name, but Twitter will not take action for impersonation. I bought likes and...
  13. MDD Razzle

    [DELETE] My Account.

    Can a mod delete my account? thanks.
  14. D

    How to get rid of fake FB pages

    Hey guys I manage a local coffee facebook page but someone has created many fake places around me to confuse the customers. How can I get rid of those pages by the way they are done pretty well(the guy which has done is professional is his field). They post every day on the pages they've added...
  15. Degen


  16. charto03

    Reputation Management - Delete Negative Search Results and Improve the Way You Look Online

    Reputation Management Services to help you fight and beat those pesky negative complaints that are damaging your clients or your business. We have over 200 different websites that we have established relationships or figured out a way to help you remove and delete damaging material from those...
  17. redarrow

    account problams

    please help me , i got posting problems, i can not edit ,any post on any thread ....
  18. B

    Delete account for 'bstod' he likes hamster marshmellow cheese Charles!

    delete this account please or forever be annoyed with circuit breaker knuckle mellons. Delete bstod delete delete yay!
  19. T

    Please tell me how to remove old facebook page admin before 7 days?

    How to remove an old facebook page admin before 7 days.
  20. K

    How do I delete my account on here?

    I want to delete my account on here and is there any way I can. I want to delete it because I've had people tell me i'm some other kingjames on some other website and I did them wrong or something. Is there any way I could delete it. Also which admin i'm I suppose to contact.
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