1. aBrighterTomorrow

    Adsense RPM drop 50% after migrating website: seen this before?

    Our Adsense RPM dropped 50%+ after migrating from a shared VPS to a dedicated server. Has anyone seen this before? Any ideas how to fix it? Only idea is that since our IP address changed, Adsense reset our advertisers, or that the old shared VPS server was connected to higher RPMs compared to...
  2. widchy95

    Google seach decrease

    Hello guys I have a website based on auto like, reactions,comment, followers and more tools for facebook so as you already know there are lot of competitors My site went to around 900-1000 clicks daily on google to 100-200 and i see decrease of this amount day after day I cant do content...
  3. C

    Need help(?)

    hallo BHW, I just started working with crakrevenue. It is possible that the first week with 100-150 videos uploaded on xvideos I had 20-40 clicks a day and now with 600-700 videos the clicks I receive have dropped to 10-15 a day and all my traffic from India and USA is not there anymore? or is...
  4. G

    I need to decrease visibility of some video on youtube

    The problem is some malignant youtuber. He gives bad review for my product ( we have dozens of positive reviews) but this bad review is always on the top of searching results. We proposed him a cooperation, money - nothing works, he is just happy that he blames us. Is there anybody able to help?
  5. mangoodi

    Reason For Message Count Decreasing

    My post count decreasing frequently:oops: What would be the Reason? Is that depend on category wise or any other factors need to be considered?o_O Thanks In Advance:)
  6. E

    Why is my video suddenly losing views ?

    Hello, I want to ask you if you know why is my video which used to have over 4k views/day losing views. As you can see in a picture its views have suddenly drasticly decreased. Anyone know why ? (Sorry for my bad english)
  7. S

    "How to decrese ranking on google"

    any one suggest me how to decrease ranking on google?
  8. A

    How to decrease somebody's Google ranking?

    One of my friends has a problem. She had a Rip-Off report, which hurts her business. The report containts a lots of lie about her, and this lies are on the first page of the google. How she can decrease those rankings, where the reports are? I really feel for her, because the competition made...
  9. Pakistani

    i want to Decrease my Epc

    Hello friends. I have a Movie / tvshows Site which is getting daily much USA traffic. I am earning good amount of $$ daily in that sites. My problem is i have a high epc which is not good due to non incentive offers. My admin asked me to increase the amount of clicks. Currently i used to get...
  10. L

    gmail sending limit decreasing daily!?!?!?

    I need to send out massive emails daily (no not spam) and everyday gmail keeps decreasing my sending limit. Yesterday I could only send about 330. Today, just over 200 only!? How can I increase this limit to 500 back again?
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