1. Vox1Hex

    Decentralized alternative to common CDN

    Hi BHW members, just would like to ask you if anybody using some new modern approach to oldschool CDN like bunnyCDN. For example siacoin released decentralized CDN on blockchain siasky, they have working product nowadays. I am just curious if anybody of you is using those new approaches to...
  2. Sidaretta

    %51 Attack on Blockchain

    Hi everybody I'm blockchain researcher, and I need more details about %51 Attack on Blockchain, unfortunately I couldn't find any details about this, can anyone help me or introduce any reference for me?
  3. V

    Fully decentralized website

    Hi guys, I just manage to make a fully decentralized website on trackmydog.eth blockchain domain, you can access it here: How that works? Since a few years ago there are blockchain domains, the first ones were .eth...