1. R

    Quick question about Ad Networks.

    Hello, I have a quick question. Let's say I've an offer from an affiliate network, can i promote it on ad networks? Like adsterra, adcombo or lospollos? I've heard good things about promoting dating offers on lospollos, is that true? And one more question is that how much budget would it...
  2. D

    Tinder,badoo,dating app fake help

    Hello, Iam looking for help for dating apps to set up fake accounts. I made some badoo accounts and I use them regulary. Tinder, bumble, pof bans me instantly. I want to chat with more experienced people to get some help, share experience. Like how to get fake numbers, bypass verify etc.
  3. curdoc

    [FREE 1 COPY REVIEW] Bumble Bot + AI for OnlyFans - Real Devices & Emulators at Your Service!

    Hello BHW Community, Are you an OnlyFans creator or agency eager to unlock the unmatched subscriber growth of your account? We have fantastic news for you! Introducing our industry-leading Bumble bot + AI, purpose-built for OnlyFans creators like you. With our unique approach of utilizing real...
  4. B

    Raya dating app - invitation link

    Hi, I´m looking for raya invitation link? Please send DM if you can help me. Thx
  5. E

    How to monetize my Instagram account with 50k followers 95% female audience

    Hi BHW, I have an Instagram account in the manifestation/spirituality niche with 50k followers and a 95% female audience. Any suggestions on how I can monetize this? I have already tried CPA survey offers such as $750 Shein & Cash App but I don't get enough clicks. I have also tried offers such...
  6. M

    How can I monetize 1k female accounts?

    I can create female accounts with 1k followers in something like 1 week. Audience is %97 male and Turk. How can I monetize these accounts? If you have any ideas please consider sharing them with me from here or dm. Thank you all.
  7. swisfa

    Looking for Adult Traffic

    Hey everyone! we're looking for adult traffic :) Twitter, insta, reddit, tinder, other dating sites, smm ... ANYTHING Dm your stats/reviews and prices telegram: @swisfa skype: swisfa
  8. R

    JOB OPPORTUNITY: Looking for Android Phone Admin to Create Dating App Profiles with App Cloner $1.5 p/h

    Hello. We are looking to hire multiple VA's for a long term project. We want someone with a good android phone, with a good knowledge of computers/IT, preferably someone who knows how to use appcloner. You will be creating Bumble dating app profiles on multiple clones of bumble on Appcloner, on...
  9. Aureus

    Large Databases of Semrush Keywords in Various Niches! A Lot of Keywords with Traffic and No Competition! Volume, KD, CPC

    What is the best way to use these databases? For example, you can make simple websites and earn money on Google Adsense, Amazon,, Viglink, Dating affiliates,,, etc. Semrush Keyword Difficulty Very easy, 0-14% - Your chance to start ranking new pages Easy, 15-29% -...
  10. J

    Looking for girls. Safe work. €100+ per day

    Who I'm looking for: I'm looking for sociable girls 16+ years old. Preferably with a pleasant voice. What is required: A good knowledge of English. Need to communicate with men on Telegram from Tinder. Voice messages, sometimes possibly calls on Telegram. Patience, a desire to learn and earn...
  11. Ethan Schneider

    [May Journey - Adult ]

    Hello BHW. I'm here to update my thread. On this platform I made about $500, on the other platform I made $65. That is, our goal was $800 and we made only $565. It was an interesting month, we made more than the previous month, but less than I would have liked/expected. I maintain my goal of...
  12. EbsMoasta

    Improve ad quality of my black hat ads

    Hey there, I run all sorts of black hat ads (from dating to gambling) on Facebook. However sometimes the ad quality seems to be a lot bewlow average. I have tried multiple things to improve but from time to time I still have that issue. Any recommondations on how to improve from a Facebook Black...
  13. Aureus

    ✈️✈️✈️ Fresh Keyword Databases with Low Competition | Dating, Adult Dating | US, UK, AU, CA, NZ, IE, DE, AT, CH, NL, FR,...

    Dating Geo Regular dating. I took popular phrases from Google Ads, which people wrote with cities, states, provinces, etc. and made substitutions for other cities. I took cities with a population of over 2,000 Dating Geo US - 8,709,147 keywords. March 2023. United States. Price - $40 example...
  14. ZuckerbergCalled

    I am looking for traffic arbitrage communities. Niche - dating

    Hi guys. I am looking for traffic arbitrage communities. Niche - dating
  15. N

    Hinge ELO Boost

    Is anyone offering this who can offer transparent proof and pricing/review by the mod team? Thanks!
  16. aurim

    I just fell in love

    I'm so lucky to receive this from such a lovely girl: "I аm 22 years оld, Μаrgarіta, from the Сzeсh Reрublic, know Еnglіsh languagе alѕо And... bettеr tо saу it іmmеdiаtely. Ι am bіsеxuаl. I аm not ϳеаlоuѕ оf аnothеr wоman... еѕресially if wе make love tоgеther. Αh уеѕ, I cook vеry tastyǃ аnd Ι...
  17. A

    Verification Dating Apps

    Hi, can someone provide me all poses for verification pictures for Badoo, Lovoo and maybe some other dating apps? I have all the poses for Tinder, but try to expand into other Dating apps. And, maybe someone know how to deal if Tinder asks for Video verification? Is there any method? Regards
  18. onlytraffic_com

    OnlyTraffic - CPA Platform For OnlyFans. Earn a % of revenue from referred subscribers.

    Greetings from OnlyTraffic! OnlyTraffic - First Traffic CPA Platform for OnlyFans. We connect marketers with creators and agencies. Marketers: Earn a % of revenue from referred subscribers. Creators: Expand your audience quickly and securely while we handle the entire process for you...
  19. Turul

    [Newbie] CPA Journey - LP results so far

    Hello, I would like to document my progress hoping that it will motivate me and maybe others as well. I'm still working on my setup and looking to steadily increase traffic over the upcoming days. I decided to go with LP, after a I tried CR and failed since conversions were slim to none. Happy...
  20. georgetoons

    The Perfect First Date

    A couple nights ago i went to festival. I met this girl :) and she is dope so i asked her out and she was down. It has been a while since i have been on a date, and i really like this girl. How do you lads think i should go about this? where should i take her?
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