dating advice

  1. T

    Need help in niche dating to convert

    Hello to all, I have a telegram group in the niche of dating and I redirect to a capture page called Jacquie et Michel contact (dating site very well known in France). However I can not convert at all. To give you an idea each day I have about 300-400 people who click on my link and 60-70...
  2. li_kasian

    Is there someone who is good in Adult games niche?

    Hi! I need some advice about promoting adult games and want to know is there any successful cases. Could you please reply to this thread or ping me in DM?
  3. syphaxmail

    Need suggestions on Mobile Apps

    Hi, I have one dating mobile app and getting downloaded daily 100 (average) and I don't want to use any dating CPA offers. Pls suggest me any good niche as well as platform Thanks a lot
  4. rauza

    Quick little RANT on Popular opinions of "Controlling" your Partner in a Relationship - Current landscape of Dating Life and Romance - Dating

    Quick rant with no spell check or anything, just something I want to get off my chest because I see it with all the guys around me. When I was in a relationship that ended last year, I allowed my partner to do just about anything. Even if it meant seeing guys obviously hitting on her and coming...
  5. C

    How can I promote dating offers ?

    Hello guys I'm new on cpa marketing I would like to start whit dating offers but I found a problem when i put the campaign on traffic junky I get jut few clicks and no leads please help me to solve this problem.
  6. Harley Quinn

    I look for advertisers who accept dating traffic on API CPC

    Hi! I look for advertisers who accept dating traffic on API CPC. Please, advise
  7. nuxli

    How to make money from horney dudes

    I have so far one chick profile on facebook and I've been posting chatrulette links with lots of cicksbut no conversions.. Can anybody shed some light on this noob on how to do this properly. All I'm doing this whole day is accepting requests and writing mails ; Hey sexy, let's move to another...
  8. M

    Issue with crackrevenue direct to model link

    Hi every one, I am trying crackrevenue. I got an issue while making a direct to model link, it doesn't work. I din't find any solution for this. Can someone help me please? Offer: Royal Cams - SOI Thanks :)