1. CrazeWiz

    How to automate reposting of content from another WordPress site to my own?

    I want to repost content/posts from another website (which is using Wordpress) to my own site (also using Wordpress). The site I want to repost content from has around 5000 posts, each which contain 5-30 photos, so doing it manually is not viable. If I had admin access to the original...
  2. NeoPredator

    Resigning, 150 million Scraped Emails from Instagram

    Hey, I'm currently resigning from scraping and anything to do with Instagram as I'm moving out of the space and into real estate. I managed to scrape over 150 million emails from Instagram over the last few years, probs the majority of emails available to the public. I won't use this data...
  3. Akinyande ayo

    I need a developer to fix database and WP files issues

    Hi mates, My web host moved sites to another server, and my site database and WordPress files got corrupted. I need a developer to help fix this and hook it up, I'm having a budget of $10 for this.
  4. A

    How to connect your database in a google chrome extension

    Hello to all, I want to create a personal password manager, for this I will create a google chrome web extension (there is also a mobile application I want to create) and to store my data, I told myself that going through a firebase database could work, The problem is that I can't connect my...
  5. T

    Pricing formula for scraped email database.

    Hi. How to price scraped email database? What is the formula, how much we should charge for every lets say 1000 or 10000 emails and how many copies can be sold? Are scraped emailes woth anything? Heard from one guy that if we don't have explicit permission to message these people it's worthless...
  6. F

    database of workers, staff database need it

    hi, i need a guy to get me database of workers. i need a " name ", " contact number ", " email " pls leave skype or whatsappnumber regards
  7. worldwide88

    Perfex CRM customizations

    Hi. I am looking for someone to help me with some perfex CRM customizations. As follows: 1. Small edits on the proposal form. I want to include tax in the total sum. 2. I need to be able to hide the leads tab on the sidebar menu from specific users. Please send the cost and time you can work...
  8. tregoal

    MySql query to search cars and prices

    Can someone help with y sql query? I'm trying to make a search for available cars and calculate the price for each one based on the seasons. PricingSeason table where i check if any of the dates is available as period. Ex: i have a season from 2023-02-01 to 2023-02-14 and another one from...
  9. H

    Free Pinterest Group Board Database - Over 140k Boards to search from!

    Hello fellow pinners! I got tired of having to pay for Tailwind / Pingroupie to get a good list of Pinterest boards to join. So I started my own list. I gather data daily for this list and it is updated frequently. The database is searchable and sortable. I recommend searching your niche and...
  10. A

    How Do I Scrape For Outdated Websites?

    Hello everyone, Can someone guide me how do I scrape for thousands of outdated wordpress websites? I can scrape yellowpages and google maps but how do I find if those websites are outdated or not? Is there a way of doing that?
  11. B

    I need emails GMX.FR (frensh)

    hello, I need you to help me find Database , if anyone knows where I can buy it or where I can find it please tell me Thank you
  12. A

    How to bypass Apollo limit

    I'm currently using a tool called Apollo io for lead generation and I've to extract 70k companies. The challenge is I can only view 25 results per page and I'll have to manually go through 2800 pages to get the leads. Is there any way I can automate this?
  13. razharov

    Google really like it this way?

    Hey. Im starting a site, that creates pages, from smartphones, and I have a custom written code that generates the text to every page. The website is like, collecting parameters of smartphones and putting them into one article. Like: Smartphone name Why is "Smartphone name" a good phone in...
  14. Yupwork

    Researchable Database on WP-site

    Hi guys I picked up database and it's already organized and ready to use and this csv include two rows : "product-ASIN" & "prduct info" but I want to make it researchable database on my WordPress site. I mean if the visitor search about the product-ASIN automatically product's info appears. I...
  15. rajib000

    I have 150k+ Shopify list with every information. Now what to do

    I have 150k+ Shopify list with every information(everything). Now what to do? •i want to try bulk emailing but I'm broken no fund's. • i want to s*ll this list but can't find any b*y er. • anyone have any suggestions for me? Please let me know
  16. E

    How To Scrape For Old(outdated) Wordpress Websites?

    How do I scrape for wordpress website that have not updated their wordpress to the lastest version. Do I buy a database of websites? Or scrape google for sites? Don't really have a clue how to go about this. I want to find thousands of sites that are not updating their wordpress websites.
  17. Y

    Web hosting question

    At the risk of sounding stupid I’d like to ask a question regarding web hosting. Yesterday I created a thread in the Hire a freelancer section of BHW ( I describe how I want to scrape 8 websites. I was wondering… how much do people...
  18. Yupwork

    API or script for generate result from DATABASE

    I have database and I don't know how to show it on my WP website I don't know from where to start or how to connect this data with a table on my website I want to create a table that show this data when a visitor click on generate, like when you search for a KW on Semrush or Moz... The Idea is...
  19. thefrenchvangogh

    ⭐15,000 HQ Websites Guest Post Database ⭐ Minimum 10DR & 150 Traffic ⭐ Free Plan available ⭐

    FAQ Do you provide emails ? Yes for 3,5K out of the 15K (scraped from the content guidelines so very relevant). Can i upgrade or downgrade my subscription ? Yes, and the prorated amount will be deduced. How to order ? - Go to - Pick a plan at the bottom of homepage or...
  20. DunDidIt2X

    A Crap Ton Of Data- FL Businesses

    Day 4 of my Journey and I want to share a huge database of businesses in Florida. This data is Raw data, which means it needs cleaned, but this data includes, contact name, email, address, website and sic codes of these businesses. The original source of this data was Dun & Bradstreet...
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