data scraping

  1. goodbye tobey

    [Giveaway] Targeted emails from SERPs - 1000 free leads

    I'm giving 1000 free targeted emails from SERPs. Drop a comment specifying the keywords (the more the better), preferably more than 5 related keywords you can also specify the geo location and your social media preferance (where you want your data scraped from like facebook, insta....). I'll...
  2. Alis_

    How much does scraped data cost?

    Hey, thinking about data scraping business and I want to know how much does it sell for? Let's say I target specific tier 1 countries like: - Germany - Austria - Netherlands ... Then sorting each country based on cities or just in general and start scraping all sorts of businesses data like...
  3. U

    Researcher - web scraping and data scraping ethics

    Hello web-lurking fellows! I'm an information systems researcher with a background in e-commerce and information systems ethics, occasionally lurking around here to follow the latest trends. With a colleague of mine, we're currently undertaking an academic research project on the ethics of...
  4. KJREDDY247@

    D7 Leads Giveaway For Your Niche+Preferred City (GMB Leads Mostly..)

    I have a few more searches left on my D7 finder today and have some free time now. It's a top tier plan so you will also get to know if they are running any ads on socials in the last 30 days. Drop your preferred Target keyword+City, Country I will drop the List for you Have a Great Day everyone
  5. A

    Instagram Profile Email Finder

    I will give you a list of Instagram profiles. You need to find the public emails of those Instagram accounts. You will get $10 for 5K profiles. Pls answer this question: 1 - How would you get those emails? 2 - How many profiles can you scrape per day?
  6. Adivertising

    Software that checks if websites are up and running

    I have about 3 million business data with their website in a column and want to filter out the domains that are offline, and preferably if they haven't been updated in x amount of years. Any ides how to achieve that?
  7. NeoPredator

    0 to 350k Instagram Followers organically with Cold Emailing

    How I Grew My Ecom Brand's Instagram Page from 0 to 350k Followers with Cold Emailing I run an e-commerce brand that specializes in fitness. I want to share with you how I was able to grow my Instagram page from zero to 350,000 followers in just a few months using a technique that many might...
  8. D

    What is the available and reliable proxy provider for instagram?

    I am looking for proxy to help me in scraping data from instagram api without getting IP blocked. May i know what are the available option out there? Any suggestion?
  9. MasonF

    ⚡[ Automation Service ] AI-Powered Custom Bots For ✅Browsers ✅ Mobile ✅ Desktop Apps⚡

    For samples and a 10% discount, comment: "send me Samples and Discount." Contact us: Important Notice: Impersonator Alert on Telegram and Skype. Ask me to send you a PM on Blackhatworld to confirm you're not talking to a fake account, or just use the direct links below. Email...
  10. M

    hi I am new here plz help!

    Hello! CAN ANYONE HELP in suggesting platforms for finding customers for web scrapping? plz, reply!
  11. M

    HELLO GUYS plz help!

    Seeking help from you guys Hi, I am new to BHW and proficient in web scraping. Seeking help from you guys to utilize the opportunities provided by this platform.
  12. L

    Looking for an expert who knows how to collect all new registered domains on a daily basis.

    Hi! Happy New Year to all! Looking for an expert in data collection. I want to collect on a daily basis all new registered domains with the following endings: .com, .net, .info, .us, .biz, etc.
  13. Ash1

    Need Email Contact Scraper

    Hi, I need some assistance in Link Building asap. I am looking for a Virtual Assistant for Email Contact scraping (along with Name of the website owner/website editor)
  14. swords12

    Scraping Robot - The Web Scraping Tool that Scrapes Website Information, HTML

    Scrape Any Website Information, HTML, or Extract Data Using This Web Scraping Solution from Scraping Robot! Scraping Robot is proud to partner with Rayobyte to bring you a revolutionary web scraping tool that scrapes data off the internet. Scraping Robot offers a seamless web scraping...
  15. B

    Looking for someone to scrape states public UCC list and scrap contact info from the internet.

    Looking for someone to provide/create a took to scrape ucc filings on public sites provided by states. Also need a tool to scrape the contact info off of the internet for those businesses and persons. Please advise. As ive been told there are anti scraping software attached to the sites. There...
  16. KJREDDY247@

    Youtube video likes email scrapper

    I am not so sure if i put that title it in a right format, Is there any tool available to scrape emails for the profiles who liked or commented on a particular video on youtube
  17. whiteBLUNTZ

    Quotes for: Data Scraping - Business listings for online directory

    I have started a new local business directory and was looking to populate it with listings. I am currently using this process Excel - for CSV files and edits Yellow Leads Extractor 5.0 ListingPro WordPress theme WP ALL Import plugin I was hoping the data can be pulled from either Yellow...
  18. eaglesWTF

    [WTH] Custom scrapping tasks

    Hello, looking someone experienced in scrapping content/links from different custom sources. I'll provide sources and all info required. Please contact me on s..kyp,e - norkodeo or Telegram : norkodeo or here direct on PM.
  19. heatherwoodAZ

    Looking for email data scraping services

    Need to scrape emails quickly for some Twitter accounts' followers, perhaps IG if they can be gathered, LinkedIn and some Facebook groups. Let me know your rates and turn around time. Thanks!
  20. sendlerad

    ⚛️⚡Email Databases, Bulk Email Marketing Solutions, Data Cleaning, Scraping & MORE⭐✅

    Dear, BHW Member If you are an Email Marketer, and you are looking for quality email data & email marketing services, we offer: Email lists - Niche Data: Gambling, Forex, Binary Options, Crypto-currency Related Data PayDay, Survey, Home Owners, Adult, Dating, Gender/Income/Age Specific Data...
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