data processing

  1. S

    ****Hire Professional Team Under One Roof For Less Than 2$/hour

    Hello , Sometime its kinda boring when you do some repetitive and boring work, so we are here with a full professional team to help you out in all of your boring and shitty tasks. About Us : We are an India based professional company having a team of 45+ team members and all...
  2. U

    Xml Data To Wordpress

    Hi I need help to figure this out and how to do it. I have large data in xml files(small files) 200 gb total. I would like to creat a website that can display such data. I am thinking of doing xml to database and then display that database to WordPress blog. or creat xml import plugin that can...
  3. ogeee

    Hiring Freelancers To Process Sensitive Information?

    I'm wanting to have someone do an hour or so of data processing a day for me. I'd love to outsource this rather than actually hire someone locally in my business (also, I don't currently have the insurance required to hire someone as an employee) but... The data processing involves dealing with...
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