data harvesters

  1. odysseus11

    yellow pages scraper script

    looking for a scraper script for yellow pages US with a few custom wrinkles (nothing too complex) roll your own script or create one using a script builder like some experience with scraping script building...
  2. P

    Slling Public Data

    Hi, we have a call center in Colombia. We get public data from government sources, organize it and put on an online platform for costumers to access it after paying a fee. This is a very good business model if you have the correct scripts and trained salespeople. We want to know if anyone else...
  3. T

    Help with locating a program that pulls data from websites (scraper, extractor etc.)

    Is their a program available that can pull data from websites? I am in commercial real estate in a particular niche. Their is no actual 'Multiple Listing Service' like residential property so I am not able to feed property data to my site. I manually pull them from broker emails which I...
  4. G

    [ Hiring ] Pakistani 'data scientists' for contract or full time work

    Hiring Pakistani 'data scientists' for contract or full time work Looking to hire individuals who have specific knowledge of, and skill set for 'data mining'. Knowledge of deep/dark web is also a must. Further skills: Hadoop, MapReduce, and the related ecosystem of...
  5. L

    Data Miner or Data Collector

    Hi I am looking for someone who has or who can collect data. Specifically I would like to target UK University students Thanks
  6. S

    Data collection job

    Hi all, I'm looking for someone to manually work through a list of URL's (that I will supply) and create a spreadsheet with 4 columns: Site URL (I'll obviously have already populated this with the list of sites I want you to work on) First Name of Site Contact Last Name of Site Contact...
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