data extraction

  1. dillywilly

    Small Scraping job

    Hello I need someone to scrape CrailgsList titles for certain Category in State/ city and compile the Exported titles by keyword popularity ( i know theres scripts out there already but i have no coding skills to run them lol ) for example title_keyword_1 845 results title_keyword_2 630...
  2. nighthawk12

    Instagram Data Extraction- Scraping

    Opening this thread to discuss, what methods you plan on using in 2023. I'm currently managing to scrape at small quantities 10k+ per day, my objective is to reach 100k/day with a tool. I want to discuss with people in the field if they are able to reach those quantities per day? What advice...
  3. swords12

    Rayobyte Presents The Most Reliable Residential Proxies! Sign Up Now For Only $1 Per GB

    Pricing Starter Package: 1 - 15 GB: $15/GB Personal Package: 16 - 49 GB: $12.50/GB Consumer Package: 50 - 99 GB : $7/GB Professional Package: 100 - 249 GB: $6/GB Business Package: 250 - 499 GB: $5/GB Corporate Package: 500-999 GB: $4/GB Enterprise Package: 1 - 4.9 TB: $3/GB Custom...
  4. D

    [LTD] RTILA V4 - Growth Hacking & Marketing Automation Software

    [LTD] RTILA V4 - Growth Hacking & Marketing Automation Software --------------- Deal: $74 - lifetime - x3 license keys (1 Windows & 1 Mac & 1 Linux) --------------- Hi everyone, We are excited to announce the last upgrade with a new LTD (lifetime deal) of our data extraction and web...
  5. Boriss

    Tech Marketing Tools Grid

    URL: Enjoy!
  6. ivarga

    What data is worth something?

    I've been thinking.. People usually want webscrapers, but for what reason? I get that scraping products off of AliExpress and importing them into your own ecommerce site is a thing but what else is there? Would people buy a webscraper service for ebay for instance? What are your thoughts about...
  7. Muhammad Husnain Habib


  8. eaglesWTF

    [WTH] Regex data extraction from raw text files expert

    Hello, I have ton of raw text data in .txt format files. I need someone which knows how to extract specific data, to clean, extract, and take required data from raw text files. Please ping me here on PM we will talk about details. Thank you
  9. KJREDDY247@

    Can you guys suggest me Best Linkedin Data Extractor?

    Is there any linkedin data extractor that currently working which can extract complete details from groups and keyword , region targeted keyword profiles? I prefer lifetime version softwares or atleast yearly licences
  10. Alex D.

    Web Scraping Service – High Quality Data / Cheap Prices

    Do you need to extract data from website(s)? You’ve come to the right place. Introduction: I’m passionate Web Scraping Specialist with: Over 3 years of experience with Web Scraping Over 50 finished projects 100% success rate with a large number of satisfied clients How it works: You just...
  11. Ghost_Hunter

    Automated Data Extraction for various SEO Activities

    Hello guys, I need some help regarding automated SEO data extraction. I am looking for tools which will automate the data extraction work. Following are activities which we perform manually or are semi-automated: Extracting on-page data (Title, description, Headers, Alt tags, content) - Need...
  12. ThisHat

    Easy task?

    I've got a website which lists its data in a table as follows: name | address | phone | email I just want to extract the email column as a csv file, it's the exact same format on each page with 58,000 emails spread across 5800 pages in rows of 10. Should be relatively simple. Tried it myself...
  13. ThisHat

    Extracting Data / Emails

    Hi there, Perhaps a newbie question but I'm here to learn. I've got a website which lists its data in a table as follows: name | address | phone | email This is spread across just over 5000 pages with 10 lines of entry on each page. I'm looking for a way to pull this data into a spreadsheet...
  14. payal23j

    Looking for Data Entry and Internet work

    (Selling Outside The Marketplace)
  15. K

    Hello all

    Hi My name is Nikolai Kekish and I work at mydataprovider com. I could help with web scraping, data extraction, price monitoring, repricing data import etc. I joined BHW to improve my marketing knowledge.
  16. trevell

    [WANTED] Data Entry Bot

    I am looking for someone to create software to automate event entries for my mobile app. I am currently using the Shoutem platform and have the following options for adding events: Manual, iCal, Eventbrite, and Songkick. The website I am trying to pull the event info from is...
  17. P

    [GIVEAWAY]SKR-Ape: Scraping Web Service

    Hi to everyone ! I'm new in this section and I want to introduce my service as a scraper.I've been working on Fiverr for 5 months and now I looking for expand to other sites. I will bring you this offer: The requirements are: - 1000 records per URL - Only 10 bouchers are in this giveaway - I...
  18. T

    BHW Experts, I NEED Your Advice! What’s Your Take on Mozenda, UbotStudio and Webiify

    Hey Guys! I need your advice? I?m looking for a good web scraping software to help me gather some data from Yelp. I just need to gather a company?s name, phone number, address and the website address if they have one listed. I have looked at Mozenda, and they seem they can get the job, but I...
  19. A

    How to download Amazon Data Feed in CSV Format?

    Hello Everyone, I'm planning to sell amazon products on my website but I need help in getting amazon data feed. Anyone know any tool, program or any way to get it.
  20. H

    Email data scraper

    Hello guys, I try to be clear, my clients provide me email list ( 100K list) and want me to find all data related to that mail ( like first name, last name, business, social media accounts, phone number etc) is there any tools that can do that ? have a nice day !
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