data broker


    How much should i pay?

    How much should i pay to someone for lead generation for usa b2c for health related niche?
  2. Maverick1111

    How to scrap's data?

    Hello, Is anyone has Data, or is anyone know how to scrap the data from, I am looking for flat sellers contact numbers. Thanks.
  3. Sourav Mehta

    Looking for fresh daily data feeds- Subprime, Payday

    Hi, I have some clients looking for fresh subprime, payday data. Would prefer daily fresh batch. HMU and send me a PM if you have something Thanks
  4. daeseo

    How to make money selling Chrome/Firefox extensions data?

    Hi folks, I have often read of Chrome extensions making money from simply selling anonymized clickstream/user behaviour data but I can't find any company that is (publicly) paying for this kind data. Do you know any company that help monetizing browser addons data? Any experiences? How much...