data analysis

  1. Gebb

    Where to find data for blog posts?

    Beyond searching in the brand's sites for some stats, are there "statistical sites" and data sources like Statista's website? Their subscription Is only available buying a while year of subscription, are there other options with monthly options as well?
  2. timmytwosteps

    how to prove them wrong? ... advice needed :)

    Hi all, Hoping all is well :) Back again, looking for some advice on a semi-urgent situation. Obviously names are made up .. but hopefully the situation is clear. Background/timeline: We have a client (1&OneLTD) going through a SEO some drama. - A key member of staff left "1&One LTD" to...
  3. b_hatW

    Python script for Data Extraction [1 hour task]

    Python script for Data Extraction [1-hour task] PM me for details, I need it done today. Let me know your price, the lowest price and the highest quality will be going to get the task.
  4. b_hatW

    Python script for Data Extraction

    I need a python script for extracting data and exporting in google excel sheet. I attached a doc. please check it carefully, if you're a python expert, I think it will take you to develop that script in an hour.
  5. N

    Visualization : Attitude of High School Seniors that they felt are important in life

    An interesting analysis I did using data from census
  6. Le Anonimo

    I need some Open Source data Listed Below

    (Note:- file format CSV ) website url business name latitude longitude location category
  7. akki1212

    Instagram Data Analysis Insights

    Hi All, I wanted to share a series of insights with you that we found while analyzing a huge number of Instagram posts while building our product. We have integrated the findings of this analysis into our product. The basic objective of the analysis was to understand what dimensions affect the...
  8. ALdelta1

    Screaming Frog Data Template

    Found this template to deliver a data analysis report from Screaming Frog Crawls. Unfortunately it's a bit old (2014): Is it still viable? Any suggestion for a newer one?
  9. Capstok123

    I want to become a web analist any tricks of tips you van five?

    I love online marketing, know how to build websites (Wordpress mainly) know a litlle HTML, but I really enjoy creating insights through data analysis. Gathering and combining data from Social platforms, website behaviour and SEM results to create new insights or inspiration for new campaigns. It...
  10. DTjai

    Are more recent statistics more important or...

    Is data from a longer period of time more important? For example I am comparing 7 day an 30 day data on my tracker and while the 30 day data says a particular ad is negative roi the 7 day stats say it is a positive one. What would you do in this case?
  11. owaisjwd

    Hi Newbie heRe!

    Hi All, Is it possible to earn from your skills? To answer this question! Need your feedback! Which skills are common here to earn money nowadays? Looking for your feedback guru's. Thanks Owaisjwd
  12. A

    scraping data

    hi I want to extract all movie names From the yidio site Only names Is there a way
  13. The Writer

    I need to hire a Data entry expert to find me a list of 100 contacts per day

    I need to hire a Data entry expert to find me a list of 100 contacts per day
  14. bdooley930

    Any Willingness to share Non-Sensitive Data?

    Two Questions - Is anyone will to share their data? Not your method or any of your good stuff, just this is the company I am using and this is the results I see. For example, I was using Ad-center and here are some results, doesnt say much on it`s own but combined with more data it could be...
  15. idobetter

    hello, I'm online marketer seeking for tool that get emails data from google search engine.

    hello, I'm searching for a tool that can get me emails from google search engine (targeted email that are searching similar to my products so i can make custom advertising campaign on Facebook and send email marketing. and i want seo services
  16. S

    Excited to join BHW

    Hi All, I've been lurking for the past few weeks and am excited to get started here. Long-term I'd really like to figure out how to work from home, and I'm giving myself a couple years to replace my salary. I'm pretty strong on the data science / analysis side, background in mechanical...
  17. judaculla

    The 5 Best Keyword Metrics

    I'm building a pretty in-depth script that auto-posts content with injected keywords to my PBN sites. I'm at the point in my script that I need to make some forward looking decisions, and was hoping for some input from those with a little more experience in IM than myself, specifically keyword...
  18. turkeypockets

    Recipes Niche With Bing Search: Small Sample Report

    These ads were for the purpose of selling recipe ebooks, offering a free version, and free alternatives, so the ads were gimmicky in nature to suit that. In order, here is a breakdown of the graphs 1. The title of the ad, with color being the device OS, and the size of the circle representing...
  19. Q

    Scraping YouTube as a Political Research Project

    So I dabble in political commentary for entertainment, but am always looking for a way to monetize, and I think I have an idea that might be a good one. I don't know if BHW has a "no politics" rule, but many forums do, so I'll try to sanitize the post as best I can, and make it just about...
  20. skeye

    1 Month Free Subscription to Serpstat's Standard Plan. Keyword research tool, Worth $89.

    You can grab it at Offer ends on Saturday 6.02.16. Serpstat does whatever your normal keyword analysis tool does, and it has the biggest domain database on the market for competitor analysis. Also, I recommend subscribing to saas-invaders they have deals like this every week...