1. Max Kirschner

    How do you set people against themselves?

    A lot of times you are dealing with conspiring groups. Some examples are Your wallet got stolen/Your car was damaged etc.. You ask someone who was right next to you and he visibly pretends to not have seen anything happen and you know he is lying to protect his peers who likely did the robbery...
  2. Tishina

    Why Keyword Research Freebies Can be Dangerous

    Whenever a freebie thread pops up on the homepage of the forum, our eyes pop out and we rush to write "interested, count me in, sir". But many times we don't think about this. Some person offers a free keyword research via ahrefs and we grab it impulsively. For sure, in most cases they would...
  3. A

    Black hat seo is dangerous?

    Hi guys, I'm probably starting my own SEO and web marketing business in my city, where SEO is something really unknown and there is really no competition at all. There are some other activities here, but don't seem so qualified (They offer to make websites when their own website is really awful...
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