1. L

    php script to check email exists for or

    Hi all. Im currently develop a php script to check if email exists for email provider like or But when im try to disguise as a browser i still get error 500 from them. This is the code // first time access $header[] = "accept...
  2. LilMosey

    [WHT] cURL PHP Expert

    As title says, i'm looking for someone who has experience with cURL php. I have a curl code but it needs to be a bit modified to regex some stuff out etc... I believe this should not take more than maybe 30min for someone who knows curl well. My budget is: $30
  3. SeoArrowLTD

    PHP / Json implementation(creation)

    I need a simple page .php with all API documentation. I need someone that can create the page for listing what I need due to the API documentation given. URL to the documentation in PM. I can pay with: PayPal / BTC / Skrill
  4. tregoal

    Need cUrl script to login to

    Hi, im looking for some one who is able to create a login cUrl script that log me in to Anyone wha can do this let me know. Thanks
  5. R

    Strange behavior of Instagram with my curl application

    Well this issue is a bit strange, i have a proxy and i'm doing some request to instagram as login, follow and like media. When i try to login and follow or unfollow via php curl in old rest api of instagram it works fine but when i try to like it always show: [message] => feedback_required...
  6. dreadpixel

    How to mass download images from multiple pages of Tumblr profile

    Hey whatsup fellas. After opening the courses and scripts sections im updating this blog with something new and different. How many times you wanted to make a private gallery from many different tumblr profiles to watch offline? Maybe zero, but with this knowledge you will be able to do it with...
  7. M

    Login to website with cURL and DeathByCaptcha - PHP

    Hello, I want to Login to website (there is address in the code below) with cURL and DeathByCaptcha, but when ro run this code I faced by messgae: Incorrect Captcha! If anybody knows my problem please help. Thanks I write this following code: <?php require_once ('deathbycaptcha.class.php')...
  8. szunyi

    Php bot need

    Hi, As the title... Requirements; - curl - xbit torrent site login and post torrent file... - nothing else I think Pm me if you good with this!
  9. kylestyle

    CHALLANGE: Weird issue scraping a retailer w/ curl PHP ...

    Setup... I have been trying to scrape pricing information from retailer "lowes" hardware store but they have some kind of redirect going on that appears to attempt to set your local store zip code by the IP address you are coming from. The page does not show the price of the product until it...
  10. T

    How to use PHP cURL login without COOKIEFILE??

    Hi everyone, I have a question about PHP. I 'm trying to make a script which login to twitter using PHP cURL, I'm using COOKIEFILE here and it works fine. Please my code below, read the comments too, all the explanation are there. <?php /* php curl function to enable cookie without cookiejar...
  11. N

    Change the number of page views (faking IP's does not work)

    Hello, I would like to resend a request maybe 100 times (with random IPs) to test whether the views for that page increase or not.(the reason behind this is to increase the number of page views) How can I achieve this without "destroying" or flooding a page? I found something like this: I am...
  12. B

    [TUTORIAL] cURL for NOOBS. Ultimate guide for cURL, as easy as 1,2,3. Make simple leecher

    Hi, I wrote article in 2009, and I find it equally relevant even as of date. I will explain How to use cuRL. I won't give any definitions or notes. I will just tell what is actually required to be known. We want to code, we do not want to fill our answer sheets on writing thesis about cURL. So...
  13. J

    PINTEREST, Make an automic inlog script using PHP and CURL

    Hi All, I hope this is posten in the correct section of the board. Long story short, I am trying to make a script with PHP using Curl to login to pinterest. I know there have been scripts like this before, but due to changes in pinterest these don't work anymore. Perhaps if we work together we...
  14. B

    php curl

    I'm using php curl to do some webpage scraping (cant post url) and it working on root domain name but I seem to be having a problem with the page I want to scrape and I can only think it's related to the url structure. I cant and dont really want to pot the exact url but it looks like this...
  15. youtalk

    Need PHP with Curl Site Scraping Scripts

    I need some scripts created to scrape sites. (data mine some information) It would need to be either a PHP script with CURL to run on a Linux server. (could also be written in GOLang) I basically would provide the information or say keyword, give you the site to log into, gather the data, and...
  16. N

    Is port scanning the same thing as a bunch of cUrl requests?

    I want to know more about port scanning. Is it basically just sending http requests to someone else's server and seeing if you get in? Because then you can do that with a giant multicurl and not risk your own ISP banning you. Can an expert give me more info, please
  17. T

    Can someone help with Regex on google serps?

    I have a script that gets all the results from google serps. It is working just fine. But when the big "G" throws in the news results or image results, my regex doesn't catch it and thinks it part of the top 10 that I am trying to capture. Here is what im doing with my regex after curl of the...
  18. F

    Semi automatic content grabber

    I am looking for a Semi automatic content grabber. Currently i have coded a tv show script using php and html and in my admin panel i would like it to grab the episode title,episode image,episode description and video embed code from sidereel. Example: In my admin panel i add Season 1...
  19. B

    Curl post comments in blogs problem

    I made a script with curl that loops a txt file with a list of wordpress blogs with autoapprove comments, because the url for post comments may change i read first the source code and take the action attribute from the form of comments and the id of the post from the head tag, but the problem is...
  20. cbnoob

    PHP cURL tutorial

    Hey PHP guys, I'm learning cURL in php now but there was not many good tutorial or book on this. I've just grabbed a book, written by phptrack. It's the only book available about this topic I can find. I think some of you guys may finding the same stuff. Hope it helps somehow. Download...
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