ctr to high

  1. Elker

    How to get more CLICKS on SERP's?

    Question in the title :) I'll read all Replies.
  2. WhiteHatWorlds

    675% Conversion rate? Is this a glitch?[Pic included]

    Ok guys, I'm doing an offer with Cj and it's saying I have more clicks than impressions? How is this possible? The same person clicks more than once? Can someone explain this? Thanks for the help Pic: http://imgur.com/O8L21FE
  3. eskimo


    hey guys, could some of you please do me a favour, my stupid mate went to my site and cl1cked on 5 ads, so now my CTR eCPM is thru the roof. Can a few peeps visit my site, cruise a few pages and NOT CLICK ANY ADS! Just to bring the CTR down. Would appreciate! www.chefscene.co.za OR...
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