1. D

    List of expired DE domains August 2021

    Hello, sharing list of DE domains from search result output which expired and/or fail to resolve in DNS Domains: ~73449 Format: CSV Collection time frame: August 2021
  2. soulless1

    QuickBooks Help....

    I'm having an issue uploading bank statements into QuickBooks.. One of the banks will only let you go so far back and download statements in a csv format. After a certain period of time, you can only download in PDF format. QuickBooks online you can not upload via PDF. Has anyone here came...
  3. im_network

    How to import csv contacts to facebook

    I want to create facebook accounts and import contacts from a csv file to send fried requests to them. But now i can't find the contacts import option in facebook desktop version. Did they remove it ?. If you know any technique to achieve this, please share guys.
  4. L

    Anyone knows how to import csv file in imacro?

    I tried to import a csv file... But i can't find it on imacro. Any solution?
  5. D

    Possible methods to convert dexpages or phone books to excel/csv

    If anyone has any paid or knows of where any methods for converting dexpages/the phone book to excel /csv
  6. C

    Free alternative to paid video importer plugin for porn site?

    Hi, I am looking for a free tool or perhaps combination of tools to achieve the following: Auto fetch videos (by keyword + category or at least category) from popular sites like xhamster, youporn, xnxx, xvideos. AND Auto-embed videos in designated area of site. OR Bulk CSV/XML porn links...
  7. O

    How to scrape existing .csv lists w/ FollowLiker

    Looking to be able to scrape users of already existing .csv lists that I import, am able to import all users from the csv list into the query but Followliker only scrapes 1 of the listed accounts over and over.
  8. blazedo

    How do I create bulk community users and upload via CSV to my website?

    Hello guys! I have heard about how some forum or social network developers are using bots or real something to create as many users as they want to their community website. Dunno if it's true or false however, I wonder how I could build up same community via uploading CSV file. My website is...
  9. ivarga

    Whats wrong with my CSV? Wont create variable product

    So I am currently trying to create a test CSV with a product that will have two variations, its going to be two colors, Green and Black. as far as I know, you do this header1,header2,header3 correspondingValue1,correspondingValue2,correspondingValue3 Mine works perfectly for the name and...
  10. A

    Create a Custom Audience from csv?

    Are there still possible to scrap people who like fanpage or who is in group and upload list to custom audience? Will it work? What soft do you recommend for scraping? If not, do you have any alternatives? Thank you for advice!
  11. D

    Question about bots using csv

    Hello! hoping someone can help me out, for the past couple months ive been using a bot that i bought for quite a bit of money that logged into spotify, using a csv file and played songs for a specific amount of time that i wanted it to ect ect now im building my own bot (trying to) because the...
  12. B

    How to audit scraped list of twitter followers?

    Hi guys I am using follow-liker to scrape user profiles into a CSV. I am hoping to filter the lists , to remove company accounts and fake profiles. Using the remaining list for targeted ads on Twitter. Is there a tool to help filter a CSV list of twitter names like described? Note, I have...
  13. F

    Crunchbase API-key Or Lastest Database

    I'll be able to pay _ 100$ _ for the whole database or for the API-key temporary usage (8k entries) : permalink, you can get me the data yourself or provide the key for a limited time. If someone can provide this to me, I'll verify it and send the money, bitcoin, PayPal or other.
  14. V

    Best affiliate modules for Opencart

    Hi, I am looking for a best working affiliate modules for opencart 2.0, could you advice some? Looking for paid one and with proper support. Also I am looking for reliable data feed tool, which could export my listings to csv or xml. thank you!
  15. K

    Need help *Please Read*

    okay i've read the forums & found something im interested in, E commerce! I got everything set up the website looks good and everything is clean and ready but my only problem is product inventory :/ manually uploading products are a pain in the %#$ and to get my website going to making money...
  16. M

    Does anyone know irobot well enought to help me with this...

    Hello. I'm a total newbie, not a very good coder... I have a test file that I am creating, to familiarize myself with the functionality of the software. However, I have hit a snag. And my forum registration has not gone through yet. So here is my issue: I have 2 types of table data to...
  17. K

    url extractor needed. Any advice?

    I need to allocate many urls of my site in a csv file but doing it manually will take so much time I could die before finish. So do you know some tool or website (free versione if possible) that allow me to extract a certain number of urls from my site and copy that list in 2 clicks or...
  18. A

    How to upload a CSV to Wordpress to Publish Posts

    Hi All, I have a CSV file that contains post titles, and post content. The entire CSV is thousands of rows (I want to mass add a ton of posts at once). What's the best way to do this? I've used CSV Importer in the past, but for some reason I am having issues using it now. Is there any...
  19. R

    Wordpress CSV file Import assistance please

    Guys Right now I have several files I need to import. My WP theme supports CSV imports, But... I need to add another two fields, Category 1 and Category 2 (subcategory)... I want the values to be assigned to the two categories, or have the categories created if they don't exist...
  20. djprog

    [LOOKING FOR] RSS Feed creation & publishing from CSV or text file

    Dear all, I'm looking for a way to get all my profile links, bookmarking profiles links...etc from a simple list of URLs into an RSS feed. The idea is I have this : http://blahblah/profile1 http://bbbbbb/bookmarking/profile2 ... And at the end I have a feed with all these URLs ...
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