1. davidbrown3

    Developer with HTML CSS for hire, 5 days, 30.10 - 03.11, full working day

    Hello, I am looking for a web developer with HTML + CSS for next week from 30.10 to 03.11, for 5 working days from 08:00 to 17:00 GMT+1. If you are competent to do that, please send me details about what your price and services. telegram: @evanlees Thanks, David
  2. Z


    i really want a cpa landing page to promote content locker so my question is what i have to learn in order to create one? i know nothing about java, css or html etc
  3. J

    Converting Html, css, js, phyton(backend) into Wordpress

    Hey, What are the best ways to convert html, css, js and python code into Wordpress system. My client wants to get it done. He gave me github file it has everything into it. So, what are the ways i can make it into a wordpress site so my client can be comfortable with minor changes they want to...
  4. terrycody

    Need a CSS help! Its a tricky problem!

    Guys I think I need a CSS related help! I am not a coder though, just know very basics of CSS, I mean, I can copy and paste the online code, and try to mimic, that's all, pity me. Now I am facing a problem, please check this test URL: https://www.streamingsurgeries.com/search-our-database/...
  5. noellarkin

    How do I code this in Wordpress?

    Here's how the UI flow is supposed to work: It initially shows three buttons and a list of benefits, randomly arranged in masonry layout. When someone clicks a specific button, it brings the corresponding specific benefits to the top of the layout and highlights them. I've used Custom Views +...
  6. snowmanstudio

    How to copy all CSS style from my selected element?

    is there any extension? Suppose I select a Newsletter/Hero Box and want to all copy all css style used for that box.
  7. shikhamishra

    What are the benefits of using a VPS for web hosting?

    What are the benefits of using a VPS for web hosting?
  8. F

    I need help extracting videos from a website

    Guys, I have a study site, but I want to know how to extract clips from it. Do you have any idea that I have an account and everything you ask me for, tools, etc.
  9. Xaggerating

    Woocommerce Thank You Page Help

    I created a thank you page and used elementor to customize it. After payment you get redirected to the page but the order details are not populating on the page. I am using woocommerce. Also, when I was seeing the details, the customizations for the details using elementor were not showing up...
  10. A


    Need a good PHP Coder that can make a live panel (control what visitor sees from admin panel) each time they press next they are stuck on loading screen until I decide where to redirect them from my side (admin panel).
  11. S

    anti-phishing system

    Hi guys, can anyone tell me how to create or where can I learn how to create a strong anti phishing system for my site? when I do the hosting I have this screen: "The following website is fraudulent Attackers at ***.***.***.*** may lead you to take dangerous action, such as installing...
  12. A

    Tips and guidelines for using Envato Element Theme

    Hello to all, some of you have access to Envato themes and designs, especially WordPress themes and others. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your time. 1/ Using a buy SEO group Envato themes are expensive. Too expensive for what they are. So you might as well make the most of...
  13. Huncho

    Looking For PHP (Laravel) CSS JS Developer

    Hello BHW, I am Looking for a developer who will sort out a couple of landing pages with the backend platform for crypto ICO. - Would be nice if you have experience with crypto. - Design and graphics will be provided. - Content will be provided. - Only Jr.VIP Members - Paying with crypto - I...
  14. sklavier

    If you code your own sites, which CSS framework(s) do you like to use?

    Curious as to what are some good CSS frameworks. I'm looking to hear from people who have actually used a framework, not "I hear [framework] is popular". Thanks!
  15. Rufai

    [Help] HTML/CSS

    I'm using this code to add affiliate disclaimer to my blog posts, but the line height is way bigger. How can I reduce the line height? I'm using Ad inserter plugin <font size ="1"; color ="red" ><i> This site is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate...
  16. gimikichi

    Website Repair Services. Solve your HTML/CSS, Javascript & Wordpress Problems here

    Hello BHW, I know most of you will need this kind of service after ordering web design/development services here or elsewhere. I will keep this sales thread simple to solve your problem very fast. Our Services • WordPress repairing services Website errors, functions that don't work properly...
  17. Spottyyy

    How can i make this Content Locker? (Custom CSS)

    Hey BHW, how can i get a locker like this: https://oglist.net/locky.php?appname=Trust+Wallet%2B%2B&iconurl=https%3A%2F%2Fi.imgur.com%2FYtHudhw.jpeg&sitename=YuluHub.com&aff_sub4=Trust+Wallet+Yulu&aff_sub5=Trust+Wallet+Yulu wich has text in it that links to a video: I know that its made with...
  18. noellarkin

    How do I code a Spoiler element that cannot be opened?

    I'm talking about these How do I make one of these that don't open if you click it (but still have paragraphs inside).
  19. LatestPhoneZone

    Is there a better way of implementing AMP?

    My Amp page through the amp plugin looks urgly and I don't know much about coding. Is there a better and simple way of implementing amp with just HTML, CSS, or JavaScript codes and get exactly the design as the non amp pages.
  20. Josh Saga

    Best CSS Template/Repository Sites?

    Hello, Here to ask your recommended CSS Template SItes or CSS Repo sites Ready made CSS that can be altered is preferred. Mostly for tables and buttons Thanks, Josh
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