1. H

    In Need Of An Experienced Internet Marketer (Currently Paying 1000 Altcoins Per Week)

    We are currently in need of an experienced internet marketing expert for a cryptocurrency exchange business. We will be paying him in 1000 Altcoins every week. PM me to get more information.
  2. L

    Buying Bitcoin with Paypal

    Can someone help with this. I am trying to buy bitcoin and other cryptos with paypal. If you know a site/link that offer this services please share thanks
  3. C


    I have this bitcoin atm around my block never used it . Wanted to give it a try . Any one got any bad experience getting bitcoins off the atm. ? Is it any good ??
  4. Jimmy L

    Advice would be appreciated

    I would like to buy stocks..Where can I buy stocks and leave it alone for the long term? Is eTrade good? I would like to buy Crypto but my CC is being declined! Thank you.
  5. P

    TheBillionCoin(TBC) VS Bitcoin(BtC)

    Hi everyone, what do you guys think about TBC? Another cryptocurrency that doesnt decrease in value, the price increses and more members joins daily. What coin do you think a merchant would to use as a payment means? is it a coin that will value $10 today and be $2 tomorrow? Is it a coin...
  6. WebMinati

    Lets Discuss ICOs (Project wise, No ref links/speculation)

    I love to read about new Coins, the idea behind it and the money they bring in. If you pick up a good coin at ICO, the potential of it getting to 10-100X is really high, but how can we know if a coin is good or not? Research. So without sharing referral links, shilling airdrop coins lets...
  7. megaMind007

    Bitcoin are Crazy!!!

    What about the future of cryptocurrency, i have seen last night 1 BTC was $12800 USD in just 24 hours later it's now almost 15905.70 US Dollar.. when my client are want to pay me through BTC rather than PayPal but i have not much idea about BTC !!!
  8. legendishere

    Fast 6 figures with new ICOs?

    Hello Forum! Some people were saying on youtube and all over the place that this small new alt coins and ICO can make you super rich lol,for sure some are scam coins too,what course you guys can tell me which has some awesome tips on how really make money in short time? I mean short term and how...
  9. L

    Help needed with bitcions

    Can someone help me out on how to mine and invest in Crytocurrencies like bitcoins