credit report

  1. T

    Affiliate Marketing is not Dead

    Here's an interesting story where Amanda Orson shows how affiliate marketing can be managed as a real, long term and sustainable business. We aren’t talking small time either – this is about 10-figure exits and IPOs. The story...
  2. H

    credit affiliate program help / questions

    I have no idea why it is so hard to become an affiliate of a credit reporting site, but it has been a real task. I was wondering if anyone had any tips that the affiliate managers are looking at. I have adjusted my websites to complete compliance with their terms but I just get blown off. Well...
  3. T

    Need affiliate networks with credit reporting offers

    We are looking for affiliate networks which has credit reporting offers (USA) and accepting call center traffic. We provide with quality leads, no bots or fakes. Please let me know if anyone can help us out.
  4. coachw1

    Looking for Credit Report leads from CL

    Hey BHW, I'm looking for people who have credit report leads from CL. I've got an offer with a nice payout. PM me if interested.
  5. H

    ANY BH methods for promoting Credit scores?

    Hey fellow BHatters :) Well just a thought...since credit scores have such a high payout and one just needs to enter their cc submit for a free trial what are the ways of actually promoting it BH way??? White hat doing no justice to this offer. I have CPA networks paying $40. So any...
  6. M

    [REQ] Credit Report offers that can handle rough traffic

    Anyone have suggestion on a credit report offer that can handle lots of classifieds traffic?
  7. coachw1

    CL friendly CR offer JV

    Hey all I've got a nice converting CR offer for you and it's 100% approved for CL traffic. I'm thinking of JVing with some of you guys who can bring big volume. I'm able to offer you weekly payment via Paypal. PM if interested.
  8. D

    credit report offers

    Hi, What is the best network that has credit report offers and they allow to offer incentives?
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