credit card

  1. M

    Paid via Credit Card/PayPal while waiting for foreigner EIN?

    Good Day Gentleman I have an online store selling digital (high risk) products. Im not a US citizen but I have formed a US LLC, the problem is wait time is 45 days to get a foreigner EIN to setup a bank account and start applying with Stripe... Is there anyway possible to start receiving credit...
  2. sgt.kombat

    NEED Reloadable VCC for Playstation Network (TURKEY)

    Looking for Turkey Re-loadable Card which i can top up.I need it to work on PlayStation network ( TURKEY) so i could buy games.Let me know via pm
  3. MehtaM

    Media buyers from India, how will you deal with 20% TCS tax on international transactions?

    Share your experience if you have an overseas company to run your business please.
  4. iSellitunesSalesCheap

    How Should I Go About Making Accounts By Hand ?

    I Want To Make 50 Email Accounts, 50 Fiver accounts (clients) , 50 Upwork Accounts (clients), 50 Beatstars Accounts, 50 Itunes Accounts, Im Thinking That I Shoould just keep one ip per accoount, or ip general location and i will switch maybe once a month, i think maybe i coould also get away...
  5. mmaillard59000

    Virtual credit card that works for an Amazon FBA US seller account

    Hello, Does anybody know how I can get a credit card that would allow me to sell on an Amazon FBA US seller account ? I've been selling on the European marketplaces with a normal debit card for more than 3 years, now I want to expand to the US but they require a credit card. I'm not a US...
  6. themaster61

    Looking for someone who can verify my Twitter Account

    Title says it all, I have an account that is eligble for twitter verification, but I don't want to use my credit card to verify it or provide my personal informations, if you are interested in this job, dm me on @leoundeads
  7. themaster61

    Facebook or Google Ads

    I need someone experienced to post my ads on Facebook & Google ADS, I can make the payment via crypto for the expenses (I don't want to be tracked, that's why I am not creating my own account and adding my credit card) TG: leoundeads
  8. D

    Can a merchant see my personal info attached to my credit card?

    Can a merchant only see what is provided on the checkout page? Or can they decode the credit card encryption and get my address and name?
  9. C

    Manufactured Spending with own website

    Hi all, I know some credit cards offer up to 5% cashback for certain categories of spending (grocery, travel, etc...) Has anyone though about doing transactions on own website, and having that transaction count as one of those high-reward categories? And then reimbursing the credit card and...
  10. 2

    Do crypto purchases made with Apple Pay code as cash advances by the credit card company?

    To clarify, I’m talking about services like MoonPay, Wyre,, etc. that allow you to buy crypto with credit/debit cards or Apple Pay/Google Pay. I know that if Apple Pay isn’t used, most banks will code the crypto purchase as a cash advance, and some won’t even let it go through at...
  11. mcgDE

    Facebook Ads: Payment (CC)

    Hi, What payment does Faebook Ads accept? And if they accept credit cards, do they also require the 3D-Secure-Challenge? Because my card issuer doens't support this service right now. Thanks Regards
  12. Affiliate3750

    Credit Card - Cryptocurrency

    Hello Guys , as i searched alot , i am searching for credit card physically , that i can top up with usdt , or some stable coin , i got bitnovo credit card , but it has high commissions and not anonymous , but not binance card , or card ... or any-other company that require...
  13. сpark

    Advice me partner

    Hey, affiliate community! can you help me and recommend advertiser with cc sweeps for TH geo? If you know cool advertisers with CC sweeps fot TIER-1 geo it would be great! Thnx!
  14. D

    Buying Tether With Credit Card

    Has anyone tried using any of these two sites to buy Tether: They offer to buy with credit card and no verification. Anyone with experience please share.
  15. S

    Can anyone recommend a payment provider which allows an ecommerce site to accept credit cards, but pays the merchant in cryptocurrency?

    Hello BHW hive mind! I have someone asking me if their e-commerce site (which currently only accepts crypto) can also accept credit cards. Problem is their website's subject matter is considered 'high risk' to most payment providers and they are generally unable to use big conventional credit...
  16. speedie

    [HAF] I will Rent Your Stripe Account

    Hey guys, I have lost a significant sum of money to the fact that I still haven't found a working credit/debit card payment processor for my business. My business model/niche is lead generation and web design. It's been like this since 2018. The whole pain, loss, hassles, financial instability...
  17. Orozuz

    Accept credit and debit card payments

    Hi, what's up. I need a way to accept payments, internationally, for an online services website. I do not have a company or business, it's just me. I have no idea how to receive payments as an individual. Do you know services that can allow that? I need them to work worldwide. Thanks
  18. gymlet

    Is there any way to make use of Google Advertisements without using a personal CC?

    In the past I have used virtual card services like Revolut just fine on Facebook and Pintrest for advertising, but the rules and standards set by Google are pretty brutal. When you use a virtual card like one on Revolut, Google will mark your billing information as suspicious since it is not a...
  19. S

    Credit Cards for Gambling sites since canada doesnt allow CC payments on Gambling sites

    Any CC company offers gambling account loadups? I live in canada. Is there a site that offers online CCs or temp ccs for gambling sites? Prepaid cards or after pay?
  20. Y

    Quick question about transfer method

    Hello community Thanks for all the valuable information you're sharing!! I'm wondering if anyone can me any possible information about this money transfer way which is used by someone i know (barely) ? It's a way to transfer money from cloud or something like that
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