craigslist auto posting

  1. S

    Help setting up CLAD Genius

    Hi, I am looking for someone who can help me set up CLAD genius for postings in one locality. I could pay hourly or a fixed cost to set this up. I have been trying to do it myself but realized I am just not good at it and rather work with an expert who can do it more efficiently knows how to do...
  2. B

    Proxies for Craigslist - Need multiple locations

    My goal is to post 1 ad in all of the top 20 cities in the US per day on Craigslist. I figured I need to get 1 private proxy from each city I want to post. I tried to get from Proxy dealers online but they seem to have limited locations to choose from. And they are slow in responding and make...
  3. D

    CL Autoposter

    Hey All, Currently I am using the program CL Bot Pro for my auto-posting needs, but it continues to be buggy and not work consistently. I was wondering if anyone knew of any better auto-posters out there... I was reading about CLAD Genius but am not sold as of yet. My main objective is posting...
  4. A


    Hello everyone, I stumbled across BHW after doing some intense research into marketing and webmastering in order to better sell some software I'm developing. I do freelance IT for small and medium sized businesses. I characterize myself as a bit of a hacker (I love 2600) as I've always messed...
  5. B

    Need A Craigslist Poster: Post 10 Ads Per Day MINIMUM. Need Ongoing Work. Daily Paypal Pay

    I used to use CL back in the day but I don't anymore and I am not interested in learning the ins and outs of it all over again. Everything is harder and I would like to just leave it to a pro. I need someone who can post in the talent section of CL. Person must be fully knowledgeable about...
  6. webmarketingmaster

    Craiglist Poster Needed

    Im looking for a regular Craigslist poster. Here are most of the details you will need to know. - Posting in Housing/Real estate for sale section - I provide the ads and you provide the rest - Posting needed 7 days a week - I will need conformation/spreadsheet of posts I need a quote on...
  7. D

    Looking To Hire CL POSTER - Reliable - LARGE VOLUME

    Hi, Looking to hire a CL poster to post in the "buy a car/truck section" in Toronto. Must be able to post in this section without getting ghosted/deleted. Please do not even try to scam me. Looking for big volume, long term deal.
  8. R

    Need CL Auto Posting Service for 100ads/day

    What I need: 100 ads posted per day in us cities, under apartments. Email responses forwarded to one address of mine. What I provide: 100 picture ads with different file names. I am somewhat new at this, but have done my homework and tested manually. Please bear with me and if...
  9. R

    Philosophy Student seeking Freedom of the Internet

    Hi everyone. I'm a full time philosophy student looking to replace my day job. This site is awesome, there are so many good ideas. I am going to attempt two at the moment. /1\ I have started to hire (via CL) article rewriters for $1/article and will submit their articles to AC. /2\ I...
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