Need CL Auto Posting Service for 100ads/day


Nov 9, 2008
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What I need:

100 ads posted per day in us cities, under apartments.
Email responses forwarded to one address of mine.

What I provide:

100 picture ads with different file names.

I am somewhat new at this, but have done my homework and tested manually. Please bear with me and if you have any suggestions I would be extremely grateful.

Question: Do I need to provide 100 picture ads with different file names every day? I assume that I do, and that is no problem.

I am ready with cash in hand to pay for CL auto-posting each day. Please let me know if you can provide this service. Thank you.

This is a damned good way for someone to steal your cash method.

If you can not post yourself, I suggest doing something else.

All anyone needs is to know what you're hocking, where and with what network, and you will find yourself IMMEDIATELY up sh*t creek. They will take it all from you.
People are always going to find out your cash method one way or another if they really want to. Its really not that hard. I offer a posting service and never once have I had the time to actually copy someones campaign and make money using their method. I assume it could happen, but it would happen eventually anyways. I can browse CL right now, look at the ads and come up with endless possibilities just by examining their ad. Its easy.
Yeah, I am not worried about stealing my "brilliant" idea I just scraped off bhw. I know there are reliable auto-posting services out there.

"If you cannot do it yourself..." I could, but would rather outsource. Looking for a long term business partner to help me with my CL marketing.
good luck with finding some one that is reliable
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