craigslist auto poster

  1. cladg

    VA - Live Chat Representative(s)

    Hi BWH, Looking for qualified virtual assistants that are proficient in ENGLISH. Must be able to learn quickly and handle incoming requests for support. You will be trained on many/various aspects of our service & software. Your job is to handle day to day chat support & sales requests. We are...
  2. S

    Help setting up CLAD Genius

    Hi, I am looking for someone who can help me set up CLAD genius for postings in one locality. I could pay hourly or a fixed cost to set this up. I have been trying to do it myself but realized I am just not good at it and rather work with an expert who can do it more efficiently knows how to do...
  3. I

    Craigslist auto-posting over vps (ec2?)

    I want to repost an ad every hour on craigslist, on 4 different accounts, so 3 are up at any time (after 15 minute wait). I want to delete the old ad before reposting the new one with each account. I need a program that can do this. I want to do it over a vps or perhaps ec2. I need 4 different...
  4. D

    CL Autoposter

    Hey All, Currently I am using the program CL Bot Pro for my auto-posting needs, but it continues to be buggy and not work consistently. I was wondering if anyone knew of any better auto-posters out there... I was reading about CLAD Genius but am not sold as of yet. My main objective is posting...
  5. T

    Im Looking for "CLAD" or Craigs list specialist to help me with new campaign in CA

    Im looking for someone very experienced who owns autoposter as "clad" or any other, to help me with new campaign in california Or someone who will share hes knowledge . Im not looking for someone just post im looking for someone who will help me sustain large amount of live adds in only 2...
  6. W

    [Hiring] bot developer automated software developer

    Need custom automated solution for Craigslist posting.
  7. A


    Hello everyone, I stumbled across BHW after doing some intense research into marketing and webmastering in order to better sell some software I'm developing. I do freelance IT for small and medium sized businesses. I characterize myself as a bit of a hacker (I love 2600) as I've always messed...
  8. sfidirectory

    Recommend a FREE or cracked Craigslist (auto) ad poster?

    Hi all, It seems my Craigslist posting gig on Fiverr has got very popular in a short amount of time, and am wondering what is the best free or cracked full version of a Craigslist ad poster? I have earned my first $50 on Fiverr (mostly due to CL posting) but have to wait another 2 weeks before...
  9. C

    Hi new here!

    Hi everyone, i'm new here. I've been a long time lurker and now i'm jumping in. Hoping to learn lots of new marketing methods etc. I'm experienced in doing CL ads and think i can definitely help people if they need advice. :p
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