Im Looking for "CLAD" or Craigs list specialist to help me with new campaign in CA


Apr 18, 2012
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Im looking for someone very experienced who owns autoposter as "clad" or any other, to help me with new campaign in california

Or someone who will share hes knowledge .

Im not looking for someone just post im looking for someone who will help me sustain large amount of live adds in only 2 cities.
(i have issue with keeping decent amount of adds alive due to flagging i need higher number of diversified adds thats it)

I cant pm so please if you pm me pls leave some kind of contact info

im a serious cl user for past 7 years its my main source of income.

i will share a decent amount of cash with someone who will be able to help me.

i do apologize admins if that ad is in some way violating rules if you coupld point me to right person it will really help me and my family
thank you

Now take a look at ...a fellow member from PL :D

Not many of us here :)
Los Angeles actually just used random id. Still guys im in serious need of help here.
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