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  1. phalore

    [GUIDE] How I made an extra $30k last year in my spare time

    Hi I know I'm a newbie here for posting but have been a long time reader. Thought I would share a method I used for last few years to make some extra cash. The only reason I don't do it anymore is I want to travel and this business requires me to be stuck to a single location. Requirments...
  2. J

    Experiences With Paid Job Listings

    Does anyone have experience with paid job listings, such as Craigslist, Backpage or others? How much traffic did you receive for your listing? Do you have any reccommendations for job posting sites/boards, paid or free? I appreciate your input, thanks.
  3. D

    I need a Kijiji and CL email harvester

    I need a Kijiji and CL email harvester. I need a emails from a certain city. Please pm me if anyone could do it. Thanks
  4. H

    Extra PVA Craigs List Account?

    Does anyone have an extra Craig's List account? I need one to start my IM, but I don't live in the US. Or maybe I could rent it, I'll pay you when my method works? Thank you!
  5. B

    Has anyone gottin a license from craigslist?

    Per the terms of Craig's list 8. POSTING AGENTS A "Posting Agent" is a third-party agent, service, or intermediary that offers to post Content to the Service on behalf of others. To moderate demands on craigslist's resources, you may not use a Posting Agent to post Content to the Service...
  6. N

    Craigslist Post Optimization?

    Does anyone know the best way to write craigslist posts for optimal click through? Here are some of my questions: How many words? Any characters in the titles? How many links can any one post have? Are any categories better than others? Should I use caps in the title? Is HTML postings...
  7. S

    CPA- Event ticket offer

    I have an event ticket offer that pays on a per sale basis 10% commission of the total sale amount. Any form of traffic is accepted email, banner, incent social, seo etc. I currently have several publishers doing big volume from cl ads so CL posters please contact me as well. Please pm me...
  8. F

    Hiring CL Poster

    We're trying to expand to other states and post in the RE section. We have a great product and If you're reasonable and professional, this could be a full time job with payment increases. Please pm your rates and details.
  9. victoriavain

    Want to outsourse a Craigslist poster

    Hello ! I would like to hire someone that can post CraigsList Ads for me. I need several NON-PAID ads run per day sent to my e-mail. Please send your lowest bulk rate. I prefer to pay via PP daily or weekly. I can help supply the info for the ads. I am outsoursing this job because I do...
  10. E

    Craigs list Flagging

    OK i have a little bit of a different problem. I am in NJ and unlike most that are having their ads flagged, I use CL to buy vehicles. The competition is flagging ads and eliminating the competition. As soon as a good deal gets posted these guys seem to insta-flag giving them the lead almost...
  11. macdonjo3

    Newbie To Craig's List? I can help.

    If you don't have a few dollars to invest, please do not read further. I am looking for someone who needs Craig's List PVAs made. I will make them, when you need them. We can make out different types of deals. I can also work in free USA proxies if you use my service. Please pm me and we...
  12. C

    Need a CL Poster

    I need a Craigslist poster, 20 post per day to start I will provide all the text and pics. Must be able to make them stick, no ghosting.. flags are ok :prof01: THANKS
  13. C

    The CAN Spam Act

    So if you post to CL and then reply to email messages as a chick with a url to "her" blog. Is that breaking any laws under the CAN Spam act? (this also includes posting to CL)
  14. C

    Getting Removed From Craig's List

    Ok I understand that people get removed all the time. However, I don't understand why you would get flagged and removed when your ad is basic and there's nothing suspicious about it. I pretend to be a girl, say I'm interested in a guy, a little about me, and reply if you're interested. After a...
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