crack revenue

  1. D

    Does snapchat allow cpa links to be used on their site as a traffic source

    I have used different social media as well as omegle to get a good amount of people to my fake snapchat account (+500 people) I tried sending links to my adult offers through snapchat, but they aren't appearing as clicks on my statistics page of crackrevenue. I'm writing to ask if snapchat has...
  2. E

    cpa network

    Hi, guys anybody here can help me to get approved in crackrevenue network?
  3. D

    CrackRevenue Adult Method

    Hi all Worriors, I started as well my journey in the Affiliate Adult Cam niche with the re-uploading video method and a validated account in Crackrevenue. After buying a domain and redirecting it to my offer, I downloaded 4 videos and edited them watermarking with my domain. I re-uploaded the...
  4. O

    Whats the best offer to promote on crackrevenue?

    also i accidently logged in with a IP 1 time on crackrevenue. will they fuck me over when I start earning money or not lol?
  5. aggin

    I will come back bigger, stronger and angry - Photo Editor & CPA

    Hello Everyone! I am starting this journey to help myself become persistence. Right now I am wasting a lot of time on things like watching youtube and playing League/Dota. I want to grab my life and do stuff I’ve always dreamed of doing. I just came back from the UK for a Christmas break and I...
  6. Z

    My Crackrevengue Account has been Blocked

    yesterday i got email that My Crackrevengue Account has been Blocked. and the reason is fraud. can anyone face same problem before. i want to know that can they unblock it again? if yes then process. if no then can i apply again for crackrevenue account as for same Site that i already have...
  7. DeaTheKiD

    Cheap or Free Domain/Website

    Hello Guys, a good day to everyone who's reading this. I am new here on this forum and i just would like to ask some question. Is there any cheap or free domain out there? I've been planning to build my own pornsite with porn-reupload method, but i dont have any money for now. And can you share...
  8. T

    i am using crakrevenue smart-link, if i buy popunder traffic from juicy ads will it convert money.

    Hello to everyone, First time to crakrevenue smartlink program. My question is simple that if i buy traffic from adnetworks like jucyads or eroadvertiser, Will it convert. or they will approve my campaign?
  9. R

    Adult CPA network

    I tried to sign up on crackrevenue but I can't meet the requirements that they need. Is there any other adult CPA network that's similar to crackrevenue where I can start easily?
  10. Fresherwink

    i am dreaming with this

    i am new at AM. Starting with crackrevenue. i am searching AND reading methods. yet experiment with creating landing pages. till now i have created two landing pages and connected them each other. it was real fun. you can see that at : , put your email for looking second...
  11. praveen545445

    crakrevenue question

    User completes single page signup User gets free access Payable action triggers what Payable action triggers means i don't understand
  12. praveen545445

    not getting crakrevenue approval

    me & my freind both submitted for crakrevenue but we don't got approval yet ? Is anybody had this issue
  13. C

    Need help(?)

    hallo BHW, I just started working with crakrevenue. It is possible that the first week with 100-150 videos uploaded on xvideos I had 20-40 clicks a day and now with 600-700 videos the clicks I receive have dropped to 10-15 a day and all my traffic from India and USA is not there anymore? or is...
  14. C

    What to do with this problem of decrease of traffic?

    hi, I just started working with crakrevenue. It is possible that the first week with 100-150 videos uploaded on xvideos I had 20-40 clicks a day and now with 600-700 videos the clicks I receive have dropped to 10-15 a day and all my traffic from India and USA is not there anymore? what kind of...
  15. madhu poudel

    Fee Credit Card Details

    Hello everyone. I am Newbie in CPA network. I want to earn some money but i can't because i don't know how to get credit cards details. Anyone please help me how can i get free CC details?? Please drop the websites that provides those services and if you have any tutorials please comment below...
  16. Siva0007

    Crak revenue is fraud they cancelled my account with no reason.

    Crak revenue is fraud they havd cancelled my account with no reason. I have reached my minimum payout and i am waiting for net 30. Today when i try to log in to this website they have shown i donot have apn permission . Their consumer support is poor they dont reply to answer. I worked hard to...
  17. Siva0007

    Crak revenue shows failed to reach api

    Hii... Please help me ... Today when i am trying to log in my crak revenue account it shows failed to reach api. Please any one help me to solve this issue.
  18. ibroxworld

    Make money with Crackreveue

    How can I promote crackreveue offer and make good $ from it.
  19. N

    How to choose PPL offers from Crack Revenue?

    Hello everyone. I need a help. I just created an account on Crack Revenue. I choose PPL and PPS offers. Buw after approving my account i can't see PPL offers. There are just PPS ans PPA offers. How can i get PPL offers which will give me $2 / $3 per free signup? Please help me with the information.
  20. M

    Crack Revenue problems

    Hi guys, i just got into Crack Revenue 2.0 and i don't know how can i earn money in it i selected Offers and i found some sites What shall i do ?
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