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    looking for freelancer to run campiagns

    Are you a freelance marketer looking for a new opportunity? We are currently seeking a skilled freelancer to help generate forex and casino traffic from multiple geos including USA, UK, Switzerland, Italy, Canada, Australia, South Africa, GCC, India, Mexico, Brazil and other Latham countries...

    Pre-landers and Sweepstakes: do you use them?

    Some say that pre-landing pages in sweepstakes offers guarantee at least 50% of its success (others would even give it 70%). In any case without pre-landing pages a user potentially interested to get an iPhone or a voucher might not get to the final step - and we really don’t want THAT. So...

    Ad networks - do you work with them?

    Hey guys! Were wondering if you work with advertising networks? How do you know if it's a good one?
  4. R

    Tired of affiliate networks shaving leads.. Any suggestions on this?

    Hey all, so I've been running cpl offers on Facebook for Solar installation lead form, I'm running these offers from 4-5 networks. But they seem to shave alot, they still haven't accepted even 1 lead and it's really disappointing and discouraging because I'm the one paying money to fb but in...
  5. R

    Can i get the data by using Iframe? Please answer

    Can I get the data of the customer putting their details in an affiliate link by using Iframe? Like if i am running an ad of solar panel leads offer and people are putting their data on the affiliate link (advertiser's landing page, not mine) and i want to have the data they're providing like...
  6. R

    Can i enter leads myself in an offer?

    If I've authentic and interested list of leads with data can I enter in a cpl offer myself? I generate leads through fb ads.

    Sweepstakes: How-To Guide

    Is there anyone who doesn’t like free stuff? With ever rising prices and ever present desire to own more, we’re doomed to be drawn to any sorts of giveaways. And this is how we got Sweepstakes offers - an always thriving vertical that even a newbie can manage. Today we want to share with you...
  8. DatingGroup

    Dating Group Affiliates - Industry Leading Payouts up to $600 Pay-per-Sale

    Hello beautiful people! Dating Group is one of the biggest online dating company with over 140 million monthly active users, 45 dating apps in our portfolio and over 100 countries covered by our products. Since 1998, We have been helping hundreds of millions of people live a more fulfilling...
  9. R

    Looking for cpl networks? Please recommend

    Hey all, can you please recommend me best CPL networks? Which doesn't shave much and a reliable network and have home improvement offers like solars, roofing or auto insurance offers.
  10. R

    Good affiliate network which doesn't shave alot

    Hello everyone, what are some good CPL networks? By good i mean that doesn't shave alot like smartADV. I've been working on different networks and iam seeing alot of conversions on my tracker but can't see any on the network. So please tell me a good network which doesn't shave alot for leads.
  11. R


    What is a post back link and how to set it up on BeMob? My affiliate manager asked me about it. He asked he if i want postback link i said yes, then he replied with : in order to test we need the link you generate from your system and the postback link you ant us to use when a conversion...
  12. R

    Home improvement leads, where to find?

    Any one having success generating Leads for Home improvement and Solar? to be specific leads of roofing, windows, flooring quotes etc and solar installation or repairing quotes. If anyone is having succes on this leads generation for the niche, contact me, or just leave a reply here i would like...
  13. R

    lead generation for home improvment and solar quotes??

    Any one having success generating Leads for Home improvement and Solar? to be specific leads of roofing, windows, flooring quotes etc and solar installation or repairing quotes. If anyone is having succes on this leads generation for the niche, contact me, or just leave a reply here i would like...
  14. R

    Available Leads Offers for Nutra keto?

    Are there any Nutra leads offers available? I already have a collection of their contacts information. And I am planning to run ads to collect more leads. So, I wanna know if there are any leads collecting offers available for Nutra ; keto.
  15. R

    Facebook ads

    Hello everyone, This is my first time running an ad on Facebook. It'd be a lead generation ad targeting weightloss and diet niche collecting emails and phone number for USA people. What recommendation or advices would you give me? What should be my daily budget? Thanks!
  16. R

    Affiliate offer + Facebook ads

    Hello, Which offers works best for Facebook ads? Let it be CPL or CPA, I'm looking for a niche and after selecting one, I'll go all the way into that particularl niche, so first question is should i go for CPL or CPA offers? And which offers are the best in any of them? I was thinking to try...
  17. Rocahead

    Rocahead.com - Dating and Gaming offers

    Rocahead - is a CPA affiliate network that caters to your needs; what makes us different is that our team comes from years working as both affiliates and direct advertisers. We are the RIGHT network to start your advertising campaigns because here you will quickly find one of the most profitable...
  18. R

    Learning Facebook Leads Ads, any suggestions?

    Where are the best fb lead ads course I can find? I'm wanting to learn fb ads specifically for leads generation and targeting USA people, any good suggestions or videos or threads here you'd recommend reading? I did some research but couldn't find one.
  19. R

    Lead generation ideas?

    I'm looking to get leads for home improvement, people who need roofing, flooring, windows services. Any good way to find it? Or if someone is offering any authentic leads I'd like to know, also if this post is against the rule, please delete it =)
  20. R

    Facebook Leads Ads? Is It Worth It?

    Hey all, How is Facebook leads ads for home improvement leads, like people who need services for roofing etc, for all over USA. How much would an ad cost? Will I still be in a profit bcs of the expense of running Facebook leads ads, I have never ran any kind of ads on Facebook or anywhere, So...
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