1. AlbertTZ11

    I want to start my journey with Youtube + cpa, I need some help

    hello community, I want to start my youtube+cpa journey, I will post the results here In the past I tried this promotion method but it didn't work for me and now I want to start again! before that I have some questions if you can help me 1.I know that I have to buy old buildings, but I don't...
  2. AlbertTZ11

    how to rank the video on youtube?

    as you noticed, the youtube algorithm has changed a lot and all platforms have evolved, it is no longer so easy to promote your cpa offer, I tried cpa+youtube but without any results, what should I do to rank a video on youtube in 2024, buying views no longer works
  3. S

    Cpa until I get 100$/day

    Hi guys as everyone here I'm strating this journey, to help me stay motivated to achieve my goal which is 100$/day from doing cpa . I have a little experience with tiktok (spamming vids all day) but it seems to be hard doing this lately, tiktok changed alot of things which make the spam a little...
  4. AlbertTZ11

    I'm stuck at $20 dollars a day cpa!!!

    hello bhw community, I need help, I deal with cpa and I'm stuck at a certain amount of money, between 5-25 dollars a day, I want to go to the next level and generate tons of traffic, what do you recommend? I don't have a very big budget, what do you recommend I try: youtube, google ads, tiktok...
  5. J

    dating journey need a help.

    Hello everyone, I hope you're all doing well. I'm excited to share that I'm about to embark on a CPA dating journey using smart links. Before I dive in, I'm reaching out here to seek advice and gather some valuable tips that can aid me on this venture. Essentially, my traffic source will be...
  6. S

    I need help on cpa to save my brother

    Hello BHW ,my name's Samy, 24 years old, I live in Tier 3, an unemployed university student, my brother Axel 27 years old, he has cancer we discovered it in the last 3 weeks. He has hope to live, but his surgery is very expensive and must travel to Germany (the cheapest one) and the costs of the...
  7. AlbertTZ11

    Does anyone know why I still suspend the youtube contrurile I do with adult traffic

    Hi guys, I have a problem of 3 days I started to do youtube + cpa with adult traffic . But it still suspends my accounts that I create. I've seen others do over 10k views. But I think it's a secret in the middle not to suspend your accounts . Can you help me? Sorry for my English
  8. Saif14

    question in cpa with youtube aged account method

    hi guys i have been work in youtube aged account method i bought aged yt acc and i have made cpa video then i upload it to yt then i go to the smm panel that i use, i bought HR views and likes and comments i get the likes and comments but they tell me that they send views in 24 h so my...
  9. Agencybackground

    How to Promote through YouTube? Help brother in need

    Guys I m confused how are people promoting CPA offers on YouTube, do you guys do voiceovers on cpa and show live how to complete an offer, make slideshow or what do you guys do and how long the videos should be? You can pm me if you don't feel like writing here, Please help me I have been...

    Started my CPA+Youtube Journey :)

    i did some CPA things before .But they are not successful.But this time i came back strong :) This is how i did it. What i done : 1.Open CPA grip and choose a good niche(low competition) 2.Brought a domain for $1 and redirected to offer and masked it. 3.Got a old youtube channel and decorate...
  11. mehdilhy

    Your Tips And Tricks To Increase Conversions/Leads

    [/IMG] Hello Fellow Members! These past weeks , I've been improving my YouTube seo skills , and I improved a lot ! From 10 visits a day to 1000 visits ! The issue is , I only made 15 dollars ( No cost) I think that 15 dollars is a pretty good amount to start with , but I feel I can earn much...
  12. Asad as

    traffic lost

    I have cpa websites which i use to promote with youtube , my daily average hits are 500 to 1k everyday for each site , but today all the traffic is gone , all my videos are up still getting views but no conversions only few clicks in ogads , what could be the reason? I tried mostly everything...
  13. K

    Game Hack video proof

    i want to start CPA + YOUTUBE, but i have a problem with editing videos, i want to make my own video and i don't know how to give the proof, I can make the landing page, recording video but the proof not. thank you
  14. Asad as


    I need some guidence in my yt+cpa journey to 1k a month , I have uploaded 20 videos of game hacks with SEO and they rank on 1st Page but still my earnings are shit 1$ a day. I invested More than that but results are bad for me why? I am also doing cpa+ig along this journey and there I am...
  15. nabilox

    Mobile(ogads)/Desktop(cpabuild) Locker Redirection

    Hi ! hope all is well ! please i want to use a cpabuild for desktop traffic and ogads for mobile traffic ! but i struggle to embed two contentlocker in same landing page ! i have used this code : <script> var isMobile = /iPhone|iPad|iPod|Android|WebOS|iOS/i.test(navigator.userAgent)...
  16. haroune fahl

    youtube cpa journey to 30$/day (now or never)

    Hey guys , this is my seconde cpa journey ,the first one was unsuccessful , it was two years ago i used instagram with OGads. i got motivated to do this again atfer i saw my friend's journey (dominor001) , and also i still wanna succeed with OGads so bad. this time im using OGads and CPAbuild ...
  17. blackc0de2


    Hey BHW! I'm just starting my journey with CPA (OGADS + YOUTUBE) So far I uploaded just 20 Videos! And from 20 videos that I did, upload got only $17! I'm Building 100 Videos right now "GAMING HACK NICHES" I'm using VPN and Textnow to verify my Youtube Accounts! For the views and the...
  18. A

    First day on cpa+youtube

    Hello everybody. Sorry about my english from french So this is my second day on Cpa Result: 0.53 $ Everything is alright - my landing page, - domain, - content locker with cpalead, - targeted taffic From instagram 100per day, - my own video - good tags with vidlq But the problem is from...
  19. Passiwe

    (CPA + Youtube) YT removed the video

    I was trying YT + Cpa, but the video was removed few hours after upload. I've got this Any suggestions how to stay out of radar? .
  20. A

    need help !! youtube community guidelines

    I just uploaded several videos related with cpa marketing "psn generator" niche and youtube delete my videos ... i'm sorry my english so bad Some one help me !!
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