1. nirvanaayyoub

    He made18k $ in 7 day Cpabuild

    Hey BHW from the 23rd to the 30th he made 18.000$ with amazing traffic . good results from this man :cool: , how did he do that?
  2. nelida kornilova

    Want to Reach $100 Daily with Quora and CPABuild

    Hello This is my first time to show a journey with quora and cpabuild for about 5 months or so Firstly, i read this thread and i was really curious of how to earn money on quora with manual method or no bot required...
  3. jongmr

    how to set your website as a mirror of cpabuild

    Hello A few hours ago, I bought a domain. I want to set this domain as a mirror of cpabuild, so I changed my domain nameservers to cloudflare and added the dns record of cpabuild. From my computer, the website/mirror is working without a problem, but from one of my friend's computer, the...
  4. K

    CpaBuild + Rapidworkers

    Hi Guys:D, Have anyone tried To get cpaBuild Leads From Microworkers Sites. I need Information if it is possible or not to invest in this kind of traffic.:)
  5. jongmr

    the best way to use a landing page for cpabuild

    as far as I know, there are 3 ways to use your landing page with cpabuild: deploy a landing page from cpabuild set your domain as a mirror of cpabuild upload and use an html landing page on your web hosting and lock your content with cpabuild Which method are you using and why?
  6. K

    Asking for advice in cpaBuild

    Hi everyone, Any Advice for a beginner in CPA, I just opened a CPAbuild account and get approved, watched a video on youtube explaining content Locker and a small method of ebook in TikTok, earned 8$, Hope you advise me a beginner method to get a boost. My Goal is 50$.
  7. SociallyManagable

    How can I boost my earnings from CPABuild??

    Hey, I was just wondering how I can earn more money through CPA. Right now I kinda hit a brick wall for moving forward in my niche (earning about 4k a month since I started 6 months ago) There isn't a lot of the higher-earning people sharing their methods, mostly people who earn about $50 a...
  8. nelida kornilova

    How to make scroll up content locker CPAbuild

    Hello From the last 3 months i`m playing with CPAbuild to monetize my sites What i`m really wondering is that there is no scroll up and down for all content lockers when visited both on windows pc and mobile device On the other words, you cannot scroll up or down when you want to look another...
  9. J

    CPABuild Content Lockers

    I have a question regarding CPABuild Content Lockers. When I select Code and then the URL (link) option, I am given a link that shows a blank page that locks with the selected content locker when visited. My question is, will this link credit me for leads submitted via the locker? Or do I need...
  10. jongmr

    [CPABuild] Application Declined

    a few hours ago, I tried to join CPABuild, and after some hours, I received this: I do not know why they Declined my request. I am using my real info, and for other important forms, I filed like this: Where did you hear about us? Promotional methods/traffic sources...
  11. T

    How To Add Content Locker Landing Page To Google Ads

    Hi Mates, i Have A Landing page about the PUBG Hack UC generator with A content locker on it, and it seems that google ads won't accept it so I got to ask about how I can make ads with google ads and insert my landing page link without getting My account suspended !? ( I'm working with CPABuild...
  12. AzizPro

    CPABuild Help!

    I want to join CPABuild network but they declined my application. How can I get an account on CPABuild?
  13. Perunidas

    CPABuild usage

    Hello I've recently joined a CPABuild site and made one page for testing purposes. I have sent it to few friends of mine and despite the actions they've made I haven't received any money. I still don't know how do I customize offers that are available on my site and I want to do it because...
  14. spamco

    cpabuild with bemob problem

    guys i cant link bemob with cpabuild when i click save and test i get this message
  15. L

    Issues with CPAbuild

    I've been trying to access the login page, but my browser just hangs on the cloudflare alert message and doesn't redirect me to the requested page. I've tried contacting build for help thinking it's a general issue, but turns out I'm the only one facing this problem. It's now becoming...
  16. MehtaM

    How to promote sweepstakes CPA offers like "Win a chance to get ____" on Google ads safely?

    I'm aware that Google doesn't like sweepstakes and giveaway ads. I have some questions for people who are experienced in this. Is cloaking is neccessary or a bridge page/quiz page will work? Will YouTube ads be easier than Search ads? What kind of precautions are neccessary for compliant ad...
  17. arsignupar


    What is going my IP address banned from Cpabuild. I did Nothing wrong. I'm not sending any traffic ! What is going on I'm so angry rights now .
  18. dieuetlefer

    OGAds VS CPABuild

    Hello I have a question for OGAds user and CPABuild user. I'm using CPABuild and It's really cool but OGAds denied my account so I just want to know if OGAds is more interresting. Maybe offer are better in OGAds ? Thanks you
  19. TiZEN

    Does Reddit send bot traffic?

    Hey Mates, Today I tried to spread my CPABuild offers links in Reddit, but I got 100+ clicks but still not a single conversion. Offer is Email and Zip Submit. Do you guys think reddit send bot traffic? Maybe to check where it leads them.
  20. kumart30

    My First Earning on CPAbuild

    Thankyou Blackhatworld, I have been working on cpa marketing from past 2 years and got good success with it. I have worked wih ogads and cpagrip but last week i tried cpabuild and made 30$ :) . Cpa marketing is still working guys