1. D

    Problem in my account adbleumedia

    Hi I have account in adbleumedia but I change info in my PayPal I can't withdraw my money and the block chat any help please I contact Adam in Skype but He doesn't answer. Any help please
  2. W

    Twitter Course Free Traffic - Adbluemedia - CPA COURSE

  3. W

    Course Tiktok Free Traffic - Adbluemedia - CPA COURSE

  4. Lord74

    [Journey] From 0 to hero with TikTok + CPA

    Been thinking about this idea for a while and it’s time to stop the laziness and get to work. Welcome to my first CPA journey, even though I don’t have many messages here I am not new to CPA at all and I have been doing CPA since 2016. Who am I: I am 31 years old and live in a small third...
  5. mxcpa

    CPABuild alternative? (templates)

    Hey! Looking for CPA networks that offer templates or at least a website builder tool in order to speed up setting up landing pages. I enjoyed cpabuild since all it took me was a couple of clicks to test a niche but i've found this quite troublesome after they removed the templates.
  6. A

    AdBlueMedia (CPABuild) Payment

    Hello Everyone, I just wanted to set up my payment details when I realized a problem I got. You see, I live in Germany but my citizenship and my ID are Romanian, I work in Germany and pay taxes and everything. Which address should I write in the payment details? The one I live at or the Romanian...
  7. seojen

    CPA - How to deal with CAPPED offers links?

    To some of you , CPA marketers, I'm planning to promote some cpabuild offers on my blog and I have this concern; Let's say I place an offer link in my post and at some point the offer gets capped. What happens thereafter ? does the system redirect those visitors who click on the capped...
  8. intracon

    CPABuild - incent traffic for locker?

    Hi, wanted to try incent traffic with CPABuild content locker. However, their manager declared, that CPABuild doesn't allow incent traffic with their locker. Very strange, as content locking IS incent itself. Has anyone had any experience of earning with CPABuild content locker using incentive...
  9. Better_call_me

    The best tiktok CPA niche

    Most of you know me from spamming the OGADS chat every day. However, I have another occupation, which is learning the TikTok algorithm and finding ways to earn money on it without getting banned. In this guide, I will tell you how to identify the best niche on TikTok. What characteristics...
  10. Better_call_me

    My tiktok cpa method with ogads

    Hello. I want to share my method of making money on TikTok with you. Many people dislike tiktok because it's difficult to upload CPA videos without getting an instant ban or shadowban. I've been earning from TikTok on cpa for 2 years and have encountered all the possible problems that...
  11. luiselmayo

    OGads alternative

    Hello, I use OGads to lock content and it’s level above CPAgrip and CPAlead. They have a lot of good offers, especially for the US. I was wondering if other private networks like CPAbuild and Adworkmedia have their own exclusive offers ? Since offers can only be completed 1 time, after couple...
  12. Yupwork

    CPABuild Leads & Click Problem

    When I work on direct offer "Email Sub" I start saying click and lead, but when I drive visitors to Landing Page with Content locker" I don't see anything. So to check if any issue with traffic I drive the same traffic to "Direct Offer" I start again see clicks and leads. I want to work on...
  13. info08897

    Problem "fraud detection" in CPA

    Hello I started about a month ago to promote CPA offers (OGADS AND CPABUILD) by getting traffic from forums and SEO. '''niche''' that I'm working on is games It is highly sought after. 95% of the visits come from DEVICE PC And from countries USA and Germany I made $30 from ogads and my account...
  14. intracon

    CPABuild - any luck nowadays?

    Hey, did anyone here have any luck with CPABuild nowadays? I registered there a month ago maybe. However, my account is still "Pending approval". Tried to contact support two times. First - using the contact form on their website. Second - sending them a direct email. Nobody answers. Haven't...
  15. d1aco

    OGAds shaving or my fault?

    Extremely low sample, I know. Last week I was using CPABuild, where I had pretty low traffic but a really good CR I started getting more traffic and working with OGAds but now literally getting no conversions. What do you guys think? Shaving? Should I switch back to CPABuild? Should I keep...
  16. arsignupar

    How To deal with advertiser who shave leads & trick the tracking system ?

    Well, to be honest i don't want to talk about the low EPC or The CRT, But some tier 3 advertiser just don't care about the publishers ! And i don't why the CPA network does nothing against this and let them do whatever they want. it's clearly something not okay, maybe the tracking system is...
  17. Supriyo Chowdhury

    How people earns $1000-$5000 from cpa marketing in 15 Days?

    It's shocking I have seen on the Cbabuild chat network someone earned around $5000 in just 15 days how it's possible?
  18. arsignupar

    Journey ( 50$ Day ) With Facebook Free Traffic And CPA

    Hey everyone, Straightforward, i discovered a new secret method to drive traffic from FB to CPA Offers. So i decide to start my journey & i will update this thread every time i got new results. What i need : * Old FB Account * Many New FB Accounts * RDP Or VPS * A Bot * Domain or Blogger *...
  19. arsignupar

    OGads Aproval - Moving From CPABuild ! New Adventure

    Hello guys, is her on the forum any Ogads member ca approve my account fast. I need to change current network. I have more than 4 years On CPA. Mainly traffic for mobile offers. Read this to know why i want to move to another CPA network : Cpabuild Stop Treating publishers like Animals.
  20. arsignupar

    Cpabuild Stop Treating publishers like Animals.

    Ok guys i think it's time to talk about this popular CPA network. Cause i see no one talking about this, and it's not normal. Also i will change the network soon cause i don't want to lose my traffic anymore. Before i start ( let me tell you i have made good money with them, and i lost so much...
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