cpa + youtube

  1. AlbertTZ11

    I'm stuck at $20 dollars a day cpa!!!

    hello bhw community, I need help, I deal with cpa and I'm stuck at a certain amount of money, between 5-25 dollars a day, I want to go to the next level and generate tons of traffic, what do you recommend? I don't have a very big budget, what do you recommend I try: youtube, google ads, tiktok...
  2. aidelio

    Cpa + youtube Poll Method

    Who doing Poll Method cpa? dm me
  3. D

    How I can monetize yt shorts with cpa link without getting account banned in one day?

    Hi, How I can put links to cpa shorts? I tried pinned comment and somehow I got blocked everytime from youtube even when my content is decent quality and white-hat. This was my marketing. Format: Yt Shorts | Niche: Golf | Monetisation: PDF with content locker by CPA GRIP. (of course hosted...
  4. d1aco

    Best way to spam YouTube?

    Started doing YT + CPA once again in the game hack niche. I don't do it the full blackhat way, meaning I actually provide the user with something, not just a fake landing page. I need to learn to spam YT more efficiently so I have some questions for the more experienced folks here: 1. What is...
  5. J

    youtube for cpa. help

    Hey everyone im a newbie. i already made a few hundred in CPA with youtube traffic but im having problems after my first youtube channel get banned. I WANT TO KNOW which is the best way to make youtube channels do I need new phone numbers and a different pc or mobile OR i can just make new...
  6. fxony

    CPA + YT | Game Publishers Strike My Videos

    Hi there, I wanted to ask, how can I avoid those game publishers to copyright strike my videos about their game? When I go to more details about strike, there are no timestamps that they copyrighted or any reason why It was copyrighted, so I can't actually know what to avoid during recording...
  7. TheoreticallyBr

    I just made $3.74 from OGADs trying out youtube CPA.(started 4 days ago)

    I recently tried out content locking with OGADs and made as the title says $3.74.(very little but its a proof of concept considering I only made 3 videos) it is not a precise method but here it is 1.Find trending apps(paid if possible) 2. check to see if people are searching for the mod apk on...
  8. Guybrushthepirate

    [Not a provocation] Is CPA marketing all about scamming people?

    I'd like to preface that I am almost completely inexperienced when it comes to CPA marketing. I only did some tests with an old website of mine, to try the CPA Grip platform. That said, I did study some "method" or strategy, often associated with the creation of videos (almost always for...
  9. AlbertTZ11

    Youtube + Cpa

    Hi , all try for some time youtube + cpa but to no avail. Today I did all the book and nothing . I made a fur video , I searched good keyorduri , I posted comments , and I put 1000 views on the video. Absolutely all for nothing. Do you have any idea what else I can do?? Excuse my English
  10. AlbertTZ11

    Can someone help me with Youtube + cpa???

    Hi, My name is Albert, and I'm 17 years old. At the beginning of the year I heard of CPA Marketing. And for about 4 months I'm still trying to earn money from cpa. It's just that it's too hard. I tried almost all traffic methods for cpa but to no avail. For a month all try Youtube + cpa I heard...
  11. AlbertTZ11

    Where can I buy views on Youtube??

    I have a Youtube channel for cpa + Youtube and I want to stimulate the videos they put with some viewer to be classified on the first page. Is it a good idea?? Excuse my English
  12. O

    Best CPA offer for a pet niche

    I recently started a YouTube short upload in the pet niche though no tremendous watch time yet. But I am thinking of monitizing using CPA offer. My question can I use an offer not related to the cat pet niche? Anyone tried it and was it successful?
  13. Alexandr1997

    [Journey] Reach 30$ a day with YT + CPA

    Hello everyone. My goal is small but I have no skills in ranking YT CPA videos so I set a realistic goal. I'm going to update this journey every Sunday until I reach my goal.
  14. olegnaxd


    In this guide I’ll show you the secret method that will allow you to monetize hundreds of YT shorts with zero efforts. Included in this guide there are the results of over $1000 worth in tests, if you work with CPA I’m sure you know how easily you can waste money on different panels, softwares...
  15. R


    Hi guys, I want to discuss about my experience with youtube and cpa. Period1: So my experience began at december 2021, When I tried youtube shorts for CPA, I started with Only 5 channels a day where I was uploading 10 videos each, It worked really well altought I Was using rdp and free vpn, it...
  16. Passiwe

    [Journey] CPA & YT

    My First journey was years back in 2018. Where i did CPA + Youtube and make some cash, now im back in the game since November. I started testing things out, how the new algorithm of YT works and on and on and on... The First Journey. What is going on now? It's not easy like before you create...
  17. Saif14

    try to find good vpn for youtube cpa strategy

    hi everyone i want to ask is there any vpn is good for spam in youtube i make a big amount of youtube channels then i upload like 10 or 5 videos per account but i was useing a free vpn so the youtube detect me and send all my videos to spam so i want a paid vpn for doing this procces without...
  18. DinukaDev

    [Journey] Make $1000/Month With Youtube + CPA

    Hi everyone, A few years ago I made some decent money with CPA using SEO and Facebook/Instagram, I was made like $100 per day. But currently, I'm not making any money with CPA. So Lately, I tried a lot of methods and strategies to make some money with CPA but unfortunately, non of them worked...
  19. Legit App

    [YT + CPA] In need of CPA friendly channels

    I am looking for aged YT channels for CPA. You know the drill, aged channels with videos on and some views... PM me what you got with prices and all the info i need
  20. kadirook2731

    Youtube + CPA (Your opinion needed)

    Hey Guys, I'm getting this idea for a while and I really want to implement it in the digital place, have you anyone did this and worked or even thought about it. You know CPA Content locking when you promote CPA offers incentivly by locking the content your traffic seeking via an offer they...
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