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  1. MrFortunate

    Youtube cpa journey to 100$ day

    Hello,I started cpa/ppi on youtube 3 months ago.At that time i didn't know anything about CPA.I found some methods on this forum and try them with my own twist.I'm working on testing and soon I'm starting a new money machine project.I'm currently on average 10 dollars/day, but my goal is 100$...
  2. sanjananb

    Looking for a Youtube CPA video maker

    Hi I am looking for someone to make a new CPA promotion video like this example - Let me know if you can make a video similar to this style with voice etc
  3. rorschach journals

    How make an effective website for CPA?

    Rorschach Journal 22 March, 2019 Teach me how to create an effective website for CPA marketing e.g. How to include pictures, domain and hosting recommendations, offers to choose from CPA Grip. Need a step-by-step guidance
  4. Mohit Masand

    Need Suggestion on this?

    I recently have joined this forum approx about 1.5 months ago, and i tried to yt cpa all i could earn is about $40 in january so is it good i should continue? or leave it? any tips to scale up?
  5. iloveubanij

    [Question] Can I use youtube for dating offers ?

    I'm having some sort of teasing videos and I want to use them they're not at all nude ones but they're hot so can I use them on Youtube to bring the traffic and will run dating offers on that domain ? Any suggestions please let me know.