cpa marekting

  1. D

    Cpa casino offers!

    Hi, i want to know the best way for promoting casino offers , i tried with tiktok but its hard, if anyone knows how to bypass the videos and get a good amount of views contact me!
  2. D

    Promoting gambling through tiktok!

    Hi guys, I am new to the gambling CPA world and i need some help with tiktok. I know a guy who promotes gambling through tiktok, basically he has people who posts for him.Some videos got 20k max but most of them make 1k views max. The videos some are the same and they post 4-6 videos per account...

    Mobile CPA Offer Not Converting!

    Hello All, I'm running a mobile CPA offer that is not converting and need your help. I know that's a broad request, so here are some details: I've been running the offer for about a week now and have a total of 216 clicks with a CTR of .34 I'm advertising the offer with a 320x50 banner with a...
  4. IM-Rafi

    Suggestions : Facebook Ads vs Google Ads vs Bing Ads vs Native Ads

    Hello community, Several years ago I used to do CPA marketing. My primary traffic source was free social media traffic, classified ads posting etc. For the next few years, I was busy with offline job for various reasons. Now I want to start again, but I do not have enough time to generate free...
  5. arsignupar

    I'm Making 1000$ Week with My Secret CPA Method, Should i Made A Course About it ?

    Hello Everyone as Title said should i start selling me method that made me between 500$ and $1000 week or not ? Youtube Video :
  6. williamcmw

    CPA Build not recording clicks?

    im new to cpa build and i have been using their content locker but the problem is its not recording all the clicks im getting. As shown on the screenshot below bitly recorded that the link got 400+ clicks but cpa build is only showing showing 75 clicks in total. If anyone has used cpa build...
  7. MehtaM

    How to promote sweepstakes CPA offers like "Win a chance to get ____" on Google ads safely?

    I'm aware that Google doesn't like sweepstakes and giveaway ads. I have some questions for people who are experienced in this. Is cloaking is neccessary or a bridge page/quiz page will work? Will YouTube ads be easier than Search ads? What kind of precautions are neccessary for compliant ad...
  8. M

    vps hosting

    hi everyone,need suggestion regarding best vps hosting with port 25 open
  9. Y

    CPA marketing budget.

    How much money do I need to get started in CPA marketing? I have $250 is it enough?
  10. J

    BHW members...which is your nastiest black hat method for CPA?

    So i wanted to know what black hat method you use for CPA marketing and also how much you make from it? Also please tell the black hat books that can be helpful in 2019. Thank you
  11. M

    Any guy doing cpa offerwall?

    How you guys are promoting your offer wall? ex if instagram, how you get people to click and take surveys or app install?
  12. micleclark

    Best CPA Network for Diet & Weight Loss?

    Hello Guys, I'm looking for recommendation best CPA network for Diet & Weight Loss. Actually i promote KETO offers in affiliateads network but there communication too bad, No response at all, I have quality traffic but need a good CPA network. Please recommend and help me to join those Network...
  13. M

    How to earn $10 per day with cpa marketing?

    hello guys i am new here i know little bit about cpa marketing can anyone show me a method to earn $10 per day i need help
  14. T

    Use This Program Instead To Get CPA Offers to Promote! No Needing To Be Accepted To Join!!

    And its name is OfferVault! You can signup for it if you like but I believe its not required as you can still click on the CPA Offers on there website and join the network of that offer which also doesn't require you needing to be accepted as well. And check this offer out that I attached in...
  15. T

    A Good Strategy Idea To Make Money Fast With CPA Marketing

    Okay so this is a black hat form of strategy. I came across a website where you can literally pay people pennies to do small tasks like signup, click a link or something, follow/like/comment on social media, and so on. And you can adjust the targets to be any countries you like to do the tasks...
  16. new_don

    Any good CPA network for Indian Traffic

    Hi, I have 1 website with around 3000 Indian visitors per day and i am planning to add some CPA offers using content locking. I recently viewed some popular CPA networks like cpabuild, ogads, cpagrip but either they do not have any CPA offer for Indian traffic or the offers payouts are very...
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