cpa leads

  1. Z


    HELLO, I get app installs or survey completed but i get no conversion in the cpa website! what do you guys think?
  2. J

    CPA beginner . HELP

    Hi guyz... I`m new in CPA and i want to know few methods how to bring traffic to my offers , to my blog , how i can build something that should make me to sleep 3 hours/night . I don`t know too much about CPA methods , how can i make some good money ( i know how CPA works , what is CPA ) and i...
  3. W

    Secrets behind CPA LEADS

    Ok recently i have been using a freelancer from Pakistan, i asked him to generate some CPA leads for me, he managed to make $100 in a couple days just as i asked. I wanted to know what is the best way to replicate what he does, as a noobie, i know he doesn't do craiglist. It is always...
  4. precious007

    Make Money With CPA

    I know a lot of you guys are still struggling to earn money online, some are more experienced than others but anyways CPA marketing has exploded over the course of the last two years .. I wasn't quite sure where to post this, hopefully some mods will kindly move my thread to a more appropriate...
  5. westee

    Email submit quesiton...

    Hey, Kinda noobish/novice with some scripting languages, but was wondering if it was possible in anyway, to extract or collect the email addresses when they are entered into email submits and passed thru the cpa network company.... so that I could collect the leads as well to sell or use for...
  6. Abercrombie

    Faking impressions and a couple of other questions...

    I need to fake impressions for some CPA offers and possibly EPN. First off, yes I do have some real traffic and real converts. The problem is that I am cookie stuffing the same programs. I blank referrers, but I am not able to get my impressions to outweigh the "clicks" that have been stuffed...
  7. S

    Generate Leads Offline.

    PAPER METHOD Last weekend I was sitting at home trying to think of new ways to generate leads for my CPA's without having to do to much. I want to share with you a cool idea I came up with. Its really rather easy. I found a CPA offer available in my country (Australia) and then phoned...
  8. T

    Anyone try this? CPA + Charity?

    I've just started using copeac - and been looking at some of the incentivizeable offers such as: Netflix trial that pays $22.75 per free trial. There are a lot of other offers and copeac isn't the only network w/ incentivizable lead programs. What if you did a website listing a bunch of...
  9. T

    Incentivized Money Making Contests Idea

    Here it is guys, looking to build some rep with this, sorry if it's been mentioned before. So I read earlier today in the forum a post about making money with CPA's using offline methods. I went over to copeac to look at the different offers I might choose. Being a little new to copeac I...
  10. S

    How I make $80 a day - A Must Read

    I have read a couple of different posts from people who have tried to generate CPA Leads using adverbux but thought I tell you my experience and what I gained from it. I am new here so sorry if I am braking any rules, I will learn them as I go I guess :-| I was first a little concern about...
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