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  1. TinyOctopus

    [Done-For-You] HIGH CONVERTING LANDING/E-COM PAGES █ Free Hosting & SSL █ Over 4000+ Templates Available

  2. I

    How to Make Proof Video for COC/Clash royale Landing page

    I want to try ogads but this thing stops me to do this. How people do make video showing that using this hack generator tool they got unlimited gems/vbucks/gold/diamonds etc. Is there any complete guide? or anyone here who can do this?
  3. blackbrut

    [TUTORIAL] How to get Free CPA Landing Page + Hosting - Beginner

    Hello guys, I will share my process to get CPA Landing Page + Hosting for free. I use this a lot when I start my CPA journey, I was really afraid to buy domains and hosting and it was a very good way to start CPA with almost 0$. It's a very very beginner tutorial, but I hope it will help some...
  4. blackbrut

    Would you be interested in a CPA Landing Page service? Need Opinions

    Hello guys, It's been a long time since I think about creating a landing page service related to CPA Marketing. My main inspiration is marketing rhino works and also the customizable landing pages from CPABuild. My plan is to sell customizable landings page based on the gift card and gaming...
  5. rrd84

    [help needed] How is it made? generator!

    Hi, I want to know how these Landing Pages are made? landing page: source : what program is used? can this be made for...
  6. IAmDaze

    Should I use cloudflare with CPA Landing Page?

    Does adding cloudflare on CPA landing page have any effect? I mean will the caching feature mess with CPA javascripts and other things. And does cloudflare block cpa landing pages?
  7. theseoraja

    New to Cpa - Basic Questions

    Hello Guys, I am super Noob in Cpa. I have some questions [ Already Searched Didn't Find any suitable Answer ] 1. I have a Authority site on Tech Niche So My Manager Offered me some products but If I run adwords on my site will it cause any issue? Issue Like Adsense Ban. 2. Is it good to...
  8. Nowrid Ahsan

    Looking for landing pages for Incentive offers

    Can someone please tell me where I can find some for free or buy them?
  9. A

    CPA pre lander question.. :-)

    Calling out to all the CPA marketers who create their own pre landers.. (I use CF and leadpages) What tools can I use to create these type of pre landers? (check the photo below) I feel like CF can do some of those pages, isn't there like a html cloner or a cpa lander builder that can be use to...
  10. T

    CPA Landing Page

    Hi I have a good looking CPA landing page, I still don't have money on Paypal to promote it, The question is: " Is it gonna take me a long time by posting on related forums? (is it a good idea?) or should I just deposit on Paypal and use ads? " Thanks
  11. T

    CPA Landing Page Collection

    Here are a couple of landing pages if you are into CPA marketing. Thanks n +Rep Appreciated ... Virus Total Scan Report : URL: landing
  12. A

    Need high-converting CPA landing page / flog / farticles for nutra supplements

    Looking for experienced designer to help us create a series of very high-converting landing pages for nutraceutical products. We have a number of examples of ones that are converting well, hopefully you do too. We will be throwing some media buys at this, so looking for very good...
  13. F

    Suggestion Needed for CPA landing page?

    I am trying to setup CPA campaign. Anyone can provide me example of CPA landing page. Thanks