cpa journey

  1. 1AKIRA

    My Crazy Journey To Take Over THE CPA GAME With 500-1000$/day

    Well, its been a while boys how are you doing I'm back. lol probably you don't know me so let me introduce myself: I'm AKIRA. in my teen years, I've made over 85k from CPA. And I decided to take a break from it to enjoy the money, so i started investing my time making real-life businesses, and...
  2. 1AKIRA

    [Goal-Journey] Hit 2000$/Month Before 2021 with CPA

    Goal : Reach 2k-1k in the next month from my CPA. Hi boys! yeah i know it's seems a high goal to hits, but i already making 500$/month so i will try to hit that number before the end of this year. What I have done: i start making 70$/day getting so mush clicks around 2-3k per day made my...
  3. cloakedsro

    A CPA & Quiz website journey to financial stability

    First of all, the CPA and Quiz website ventures are separate methods. They will never be combined. I just didn't know to better emphasize that in the title. With one I'll be grey hat, while the other will be completely white hat. Anyways, as with every journey, here's the backstory: I'm 25...
  4. A.Nacereddine

    My newbie cpa journey started well as hell

    Yo, what’s up guys. I’ll be sharing with you an experience of a week with youtube/cpa journey. I took a long time learning and reading here in bhw and others forums. today I decided to share some experience with you guys. I started with blackhat niche and uploaded videos on youtube until I ve...
  5. W

    CPA Journey to 100$ a day with YT

    Hey, My name is Jeff, been in CPA, and some other affiliate marketing stuff since 2012 I think, just as a side income thing, and the whole affiliate marketing was and still is an interesting idea but haven't really pushed myself any longer than a couple of weeks at a time (tryhard for a...
  6. G

    [Case Study]My CPA Journey - How I Made 0 to 1200$ in 2 Months

    After Spending 1 year of time on CPA marketing all i can say that CPA Marketing Is Amazing. Finally after 1 year of struggle and hard work i am able to make money through CPA offers. I have spent so much time on learning cpa and so much money on testing different cpa networks and promotional...
  7. coldshowers

    [Journey] My CPA Journey from the Start.

    I had a journey thread several months ago, but honestly, it was very premature. There was no real plan, and needless to say, it didn't go anywhere. I got distracted by other projects and didn't get started with my journey. I hadn't even focused in on CPA. I'm confident that I am ready this time...
  8. W3ULF

    My CPA Journey | To $100+ Profit/Day

    Hello people! BHW gave me a lot of knowledge, thanks a lot to all the IM legends and the good sharers. you change people's lives here! and I guess now it's time to give some value back and motivate people who are about to start or people who are stuck, I'm saying. don't stop! even if you're...
  9. wano

    My CPA + Insta Journey to $25 a Day

    Hey BHW! I decided I should try doing CPA + Instagram. I bought 30 2-3-year-old phone verified Instagram accounts as of today. The accounts came with proxies so I didn't need to spend money on those ;) My plan: Use one of the OGAds pre-approved landing pages (Don't want to reveal niche but...
  10. B

    YouTube + CPA Journey To $20 a Day & 10,000 Subscribers!

    Hello everyone, I was reading through all the amazing journeys and success stories that everyone has had with youtube & CPA, so I have decided to start my own! I found a great niche that isn't too saturated but I have very high competition, which can be the main problem in growing my channel...
  11. R

    journey to empire

    I am going to create my own internet empire. Current situation Starting - right now i have 13$ in my pocket that is food money. Got few 200$ bing coupons and a big access to credit cards (mine personal and family) Got some street smart experience at cpa, have mad knowledge but still not enough...
  12. Davidsongilbert00

    My Instagram+Ogads Journey to $10 a day

    Hi Bhw's Fiverr just released my cash. And i want to start Cpa,Cpi Using Ogads! I got inspired by some folks here. What I"ve Done 1. I created 3 Ig accounts manually last week I've grown the accounts a bit I'm using Instagress and its been good, I cant pay for massplanner coz no Credit...
  13. Xpock

    From 0$ to 50$ a Day [Instagram + OGads]

    Hello, money makers. Motivated by some journeys and methods (as Aesis32 and Cryogenesis), I decided to start my own journey in this market. I already have experience with Social Media, specifically: Facebook, but I've never worked with Instagram before, so this journey will provide me a lot of...
  14. wl3hacker

    My journey to 500$/day with CPA and french traffic!!

    hello BHW family, i've been here for the last 3 years and i learned a lot of seo and different traffic methods, i thought it's time to start my own journey because i started to loose motivation and getting lazy is killing me. i am already earning 2000$-2500$/month with CPA but things are going...
  15. torten95

    First journey in IM [Newb here]

    Hey guys! Let me start by telling you I am complete newb in IM. Only thing I know about IM is what I read on this forum and I have to tell you I learned a lot, as well I will keep reading and learning because my mindset is to never settle down. Also, I got very inspired by alwaystoday and his...
  16. thakarpratik

    I dont understand Fb Traffic - My Journey

    Sorry for making the title little confusing, but that's what it is. Last month in July I built a decent BH niche website and a FB page and promoted it with FB Ads. Within my niche I found a sub niche, that sky rocketed my traffic on FB and made my post go Viral. Effect was below FB ad costs...
  17. krishnavamsi2

    KRISHNAVAMSI2's Journey to $20/Day with - Youtube + CPA

    i am vamsi....i do't want to waste time by telling unnecessary things. as I am not new to Cpa. i earned some $100 with cpa [only one video] with out any work [1 hour work to create video and uploaded to youtube ] but it takes 1 month time. Now i want work seriously with DEDICATION and MOTIVATION...
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