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    Sorry for making the title little confusing, but that's what it is. Last month in July I built a decent BH niche website and a FB page and promoted it with FB Ads. Within my niche I found a sub niche, that sky rocketed my traffic on FB and made my post go Viral.

    Effect was below


    FB ad costs was $0.01 with a Daily budget of just $5 and CTR of over 5%
    I got 80,000 UV's in 3 - 5 Days with a CTR of 30% to the Offer with a 15% Conversion rate roughly

    Which made me $600 in 3 days.


    After a Week of successfuly run i saw a Drop in traffic and earning went down, I asked FB and they said, people were flagging your adv or clicking on I dont like this post which is the reason why drop in traffic and earning. So i stopped the advert and tried few other things but nothing worked.

    Then one day my FB account got flagged and suspended. Thats end of that.

    Now I am without any FB advert account and no advert or promotion running. Here's the interesting thing. I left the website as it is, and i saw it still made me around 5-10 per day with no promotion. Suddenly since last 2 days, I am seeing a huge bump in traffic which you can see below


    This is without any promotion or any paid marketing, as I dont have any FB advert account left now

    My CPA earnings picked up again , and made

    $63 19th Aug
    $130 on 20th Aug
    $160 on 21st Aug
    $150 so far 22nd Aug

    Proof below


    I am wondering what is happening? and how come I am suddenly getting so much traffic from FB for the same post when it was almost dead since 2-3 weeks ago.

    I am happy to see this but just curious. and sorry for the Long Post - I will keep posting my daily updates, I am not trying to show off anything here, just wanted to share that persistence does pay off and keep trying,trying and trying.