cpa adult

  1. E

    adult cpa method that is working?

    Hello to all members of the forum, I am new here and I am new to cpa. I would like to know if there is any method for adult cpa that is generating money today. I have tried everything, I have several Instagram accounts, 64k, 39k, 15k. I tried Instagram in stories, sending them to Telegram so...
  2. Snqke

    CPA Offer Method for my website ?

    Hello guys, Any suggestion from you how to use CPA offers ? because i don't have any experience with CPA offers... i worked with CPM CPC ad networks like adsterra and exoclick and with +400k/daily visits i make between 200$ and 270$/day (depend on users actions) and i'd like increase my...
  3. Moro007

    Adult landing page example

    Hi guys , I need an adult landing page for webcam offers for free or just an example of one please !
  4. Moro007

    Best way to promote a CPA adult offer?

    Hello guys, I'm new with CPA and i wanna start with CPA adult offers , so i want just to know what are the best ways to promote my offers , with organic traffic like youtube , social media , Website or blog ....etc , or with a promoting plateforme like TJ or Juicy ads or something else ? Thanks.
  5. Nedronproo

    Adult Cpa journey to 10-50$ a day

    Hey guys Soryy for my bad englich I start adult Cpa 3 mounth ago i buy a domaine .xyz and i register to crackrevenue network i chosse to work in camsites niche i creat acount in xvideos and start to reuploading videos with my cpa link watermark i uploaded 5 videos i didnt get any conversion, so...
  6. Ankith K Shetty

    Is Adscombo worth it? Any other for Adult CPA?

    Hi, I want to ask if anyone tried Adscombo and has anyone made reasonable amount of money from it? Is there any good CPA network for Adult Products. Please help a brother here. Thanks, Ankith
  7. albxrindi01

    CrakRevenue clicks not counting?

    Hello Dear forum members! I have started to use crakrevenue for the past 2 months! Unfortunately I always see less clicks in crakrevenue . I promote the offers via twitter and twitter posts tell exactly how many times the link has been clicked. It is not the first time that this has happened...
  8. A

    Ask about cos adult

    How to promote cpa adult offers? , The best traffic source for this offers cpa Thank you for all
  9. T

    For all those who make : CPA Adult + IG (or SNAP)

    Hello all ! I started recently in the CPA Adult + IG and I am really motivated to have very good results. I am willing to work hard to reach $10 /day then $50 /day or more after. I would be interested in communicating with people who are also in this business (experienced or beginner) the...
  10. Q

    Looking for CPA content locking who accept redirecting content locker to an adult site

    I'm promoting a CPA adult and want to redirect content locker after unlocking to my site. My site have only affiliate of adult link and no any adult contents. Please tell me, thanks
  11. socail4brandz

    As a Cpa Expert Long path i walk, Want to invest some money on ads or Media buying, ppv

    Making Money is not so hard for me via using online. 6 years ago i started my online life with cpatcha fill-up then I long time passed i recovered my loss that i did 6 years ago and its near about 20000$. Nobody beside me i came another city from my home town with 5$ only in my pocket did a lot...
  12. T

    Gatebit - CPA Network - Adult, Dating, Content Locker, PPD

  13. atworkplace

    Twitter Follower List

    I Have been around for quite long time, reading other IM journeys and wishing that ,the success they had would be one day be mine. I took no action for all that time until the other day I decided to take action after reading a journey from Adrian112. I've decided to taste waters in the adult...
  14. shabin

    CrakRevenue Refused My Application

    Hallo yesterday I submitted an application to CrakRevenue for promoting my adult traffic through their network.But today i got an email saying that they refused me.I submitted all information that they required .I don't know why they rejected my application..I have some high traffic...
  15. L

    CPA / PPD help best networks for my purposes

    Hey bhw. I plan on trying my hand at CPA. I would like to try with PPD. Just to be clear, when most people mention PPD, they are saying if I upload a file to a file hosting company, that company will pay me for every (1000 or so) downloads of my file.... ? I am asking because I know people...
  16. V

    Need few adult domain names with emd available ..

    Hey guys I need help in identifying some good adult KWs with available emd. Is for CPA redirect. Plz provide suggestions.
  17. S

    BEST Link Locker!!

    What is the best link locker that pays? It should allow all type of content. I have tried - (they seems to stop paying), glitzads (very bad conversion) and linkbucks (nothing to say about it, its the worst)
  18. C

    Multiple Email Auto Response System (MEARS) for CL and Affiliate Marketing

    Hello dears, Most probably you are waiting for this software who are CL poster and CPA Marketer . This software can perfectly reply all of you leads come for Craiglist. With this software can add unlimited emails to check and reply automatically unlimited sequence of reply. Can set unlimited...
  19. M

    Need advice to get started.... Again

    Hi Dear Blackhatters, I've been a member of this forum for a very long time, but didnt make too much money online. Then, i gave up one day and didnt visit the forum for almost a year. Now, i want to give it another start but, in a more structured way and of course with advice from all the...
  20. I

    crakrevenue - is it any good?

    Hi all, I've been using xprofiles for making some extra cash... I get around $1-$3 per day from some 300 visits. I guess people are pretty much used to them by now, so they simply ignore the ads... Anyways, I'm wondering how good are these crackrevenue guys. Did anyone try it? Let me know your...
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