As a Cpa Expert Long path i walk, Want to invest some money on ads or Media buying, ppv

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    Making Money is not so hard for me via using online. 6 years ago i started my online life with cpatcha fill-up then I long time passed i recovered my loss that i did 6 years ago and its near about 20000$. Nobody beside me i came another city from my home town with 5$ only in my pocket did a lot of struggle then i found online and after captcha work i start facebook like selling work then like rate go down then i start with cpa. For my traffic source was facebook. My cpa life start with adult niche. by this time i recovered my loss.

    Now i am kind of stable there is no pain or i don't owe money to anyone. now thinking to start a new life with cpa, as i am already working in cpa from last 3 or 4 years i think i have some good idea about it. but problem is i am not a technical person. most of time i got used by people. i always had some idea when i share with my friend they made tons of money with it. but i didn't because my lacking was money and technical issue.

    After recover my loss i have near about 1000$ in my pocket, my facebook promoting system is almost dead. whats my problem is i facing problem with traffic issue.

    possibilities from my side

    1. i know little about email marketing. email adult leads is not problem for me. i can buy email adult leads, per 1000 email leads rate is 150$,
    my most of friends making 200$ to 300$ with adult cpa.
    2. second possible thing is media buying.
    3. some people making money on car niche and health niche.

    come on guys help me out to start a new. mainly i need help with traffic source,

    i did a lot of struggle in my life what i am looking is 2000$ earning a month with invest 1000$ give me some idea and i am willing to pay for technical help