1. JamesBondBro

    Amount of subscribers into hashtag?

    Hi friends! Is there a way to find out how many IG-users are subscribed to the IG-hashtag? Knowing this info, we can increase an audience engagement. What do you think?
  2. K

    Post Counter Software for Forum Posters

    I need software for controlling paid forum posters. I have a forum, which is a bit empty, so I plan to employ some paid posters to post some content in it. I, however, need a tool, which will allow me to count how much these people post - it should keep track of post count, total words posted...
  3. L

    i need youtube live stream bot

    I need a bot for YouTube, but NOT a simple "view bot". It should provide livestream viewers, who are constantly viewing my livestreams I thought about adding 30-50 "fake viewers" to give the stream a little boost and to rank better.
  4. mangoodi

    Reason For Message Count Decreasing

    My post count decreasing frequently:oops: What would be the Reason? Is that depend on category wise or any other factors need to be considered?o_O Thanks In Advance:)
  5. tetonana1010

    where to fiend the number of posts i made on BHW?

    Hi Everyone I tried to count my number of posts on BHW, but I could not fined it on my personal profile, does the number of messages count as the number of posts? Thank very much
  6. D

    Follower count blocked and not receiving notifications about new followers

    Hi, Here is the problem I have on Instagram: For a week now, I've not received notifications about new followers only - I've well received those about new likes and comments. Furthermore, when I'm connecting on my IG account, I need to refresh the Activity Tab to see new followers/likes/comments...
  7. A

    Check instagram followers count in bulk

    Hello Guys, This is my first post on BHW, Hope you like it :) Small helps for does who doing smm works here is link : you just need to post instagram full link in bulk and then click on submit to check current followers details : o Result:
  8. blake2013

    How to unfreeze YouTube video Likes count

    Hey, Is there any possible way to unfreeze YouTube Video Likes count?
  9. P

    Can someone plz get my view count unstuck?

    So I don't know why, but my viewcount for one of my yt videos (not posted on my account) has been frozen for 3 days now. It has been stuck at 302. I haven't b o t t e d, just shared on facebook and twitter to my friends, so this shouldn't be happening. Does anyone know how to get my video's view...
  10. C

    Soundcloud PHP bot

    Hi guys i have request im looking for a bot or script to deal with soundcloud.cum for those who don't know what is souncloud => *SoundCloud is an awesome service, providing several options like listening to music track online, downloading it, and share it with others; moreover it has...
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