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  1. sun dark

    what is the Best CPC traffic sources for selling iptv

    1/hello any one try this platformer for getting conversion selling iptv which one is the best traffic junky/ exoclick / twinred/ kadam? because more than 5 days after my account is reactivated on suspension in google ads i don't receive any traffic in my campaign 2/please give me good payment...
  2. malikmajmudar

    What the most amount of money you made with cpa marketing per day & month?

    Hello. first of all this is a genuine question and i myself have experience in cpa marketing. And i am asking this question to get an idea of its market so i can invest in expanding my current strategies. I will start with myself. The most amount of money i ever made with cpa is with lospollos...
  3. E

    How to monetize my Instagram account with 50k followers 95% female audience

    Hi BHW, I have an Instagram account in the manifestation/spirituality niche with 50k followers and a 95% female audience. Any suggestions on how I can monetize this? I have already tried CPA survey offers such as $750 Shein & Cash App but I don't get enough clicks. I have also tried offers such...
  4. Le Anonimo

    Android CPA and Rare Apps

    Need your suggestions guys. I am wondering to launch an android CPA network with also a download page of rare apps which can not be found on PS. Will this work now . ?
  5. D

    Is Google My Business really a DOG-EAT-DOG Business?

    While the GMB game is becoming more competitive, you can still make real money with GMB listings, no matter if you're a business owner, lead agency, CPA marketer or PPL marketer! Those of you who are struggling with creating or outsourcing GMBS for locked categories have three paths to choose...
  6. D

    How I Made $1,240 This Month From MaxBounty!

    Today I want to share with you one of my most recent successes in the CPA Marketing world. The money that I made with Maxbounty is solely from clicks not call traffic and I’m running a total of 3 offers from this network. While $1,240 is not a lot of money – it is a pretty significant jump...
  7. Heiko

    Media Buying & CPA - Questions

    Hello all! This is my 3rd time trying to start media buying with Sweepstake Offers, Surveys & even some adult. I never had a positive ROI because i simply gave up to fast. I know that it's all about consistency in CPA and Media Buying but i somehow always lose motiviation. I was trying 2...
  8. grubite420

    Beginning in CPA/Internet marketing as an absolute noob

    Hello, recently I came in contact with someone who is very successful in CPA. I've seen his results and they've been really impressive, I asked him for advice and he told me BHW is the best place to learn. I'd really like to get into this business but as of now, I have little web design...
  9. samnang

    Who KnowHow To Setup Correct Global Postback URL CPALEAD with CPABUILD ?

    I mean i want to advertise on cpalead using offer on cpabuild, But i don't know how to setup correct Global Postback Url, Hope everyone on here can help me, THank you
  10. yesitspossible

    Maxbounty - Exact way of account approval

    Hi, Internet is stuffed with all the directional and indirection stuff especially on Google and Youtube. I'm looking for the exact strategy or procedure that I could follow along to get my account approved on Maxbounty in Pakistan. Any course, book or guide etc either free or paid? Thanks in...
  11. H

    Should I post articles on my website to promote cpa offers ?

    Hi guys i'm a newbie in cpa marketing and i know some basics to start working as a cpa publisher what i learned is : 1 -i have to join to a cpa network 2- create a website with paid hosting 3 - start promoting cpa offers by usign landing pages and what i want to know is : should i post...
  12. L

    WOWTrK CPA Earning

    Hi Guys, I recently Join WOWTRK but dont know how to start make money with WOWTrk. Can any one help me on this?
  13. Euphorix

    Facebook CPA Domination Journey

    Yo Yo Yo! I'll be working BTB's Facebook CPA method! I've read his thread, joined CPA networks, used my personal FB account to test, re-read the thread, took extensive notes, and now I'm ready to jump headfirst into this hardcore. The Plan My plan is to build up to 100 Facebook accounts...
  14. Euphorix


    Hi there, About a month ago I was in a scary amount of debt. I've been working none stop since then on my eBay business's (also got a 9-5) and am down to $2,800 of debt. I'm planning on writing a detailed post about the journey once I'm back in the green. On to this post: I'm sitting with a...
  15. N

    How to get started in IM with $2000

    I've been on this forum for a few days now and have learned a whole lot. Any suggestions? Don't fully understand CPA, but it's not just that that I am asking about. I simply want to become more envolved in IM, and I am very much open to suggestions. Thank you.
  16. S

    looking for a jv partners...

    hey bhw members. i am currently working with adscend media,cpaway,incentivize,matomy market,roirocket,adworkmedia...i am looking for a person who can promote my offers...i am looking for a jv partner.if any one interested pm me.we shall talk more details there.thank you.
  17. P

    CPA JV You Bring Traffic I Bring "Inside Man" Big $ only PLEASE

    So potentially education may finally pay off. I just got in touch with a friend from school who is now an affiliate manager at one of the largest CPA networks. I explained my experiences with CPA and some of the offers I run now etc and how sometimes things can turn to the dark side/Black Hat in...
  18. Y

    Hoping to Start Making Some Cash - A Few Questions!

    Going to start content locking CPA offers on movie download/watch links. I have a few minor twists to this method and I heard it's pretty easy to make a nice amount of cash from this. I've got a couple of questions regarding the CPA offers: 1) I live in Israel, but my website's audience...
  19. dgthiyagu

    CPA account approval service needed

    hi i need approved CPA accounts it must be canada account ok $5-$15 per account interested can PM me... i will send the list of networks i am interested in :-)
  20. S

    Landing Page vs Bloggy full of posts website for CPA SEO targeting?

    I am planning to buy some long tail keywords domain names and then setup a WP blog around it and promote certain CPA offers.But I am unsure on what kind of a blog or a landing page do I need to create which sells.Is it enough for me to jusy setup a normal blog full of blog posts directing to a...
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