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  1. L

    Do you use any tools to check competitors' backlinks & their budgets for backlinks?

    Hi guys! Do you use any tools to analyze types, number and costs of competitors' backlinks? It's so time-consuming to manualy check bl profiles, loaded from different kind os SEO apps (Semrush, Ahrefs), then to clusterize them and estimate the cost. But clients always want to know how much...
  2. G

    Does this product exist? Ability to collect high level user data from a car driving around?

    Hi there, is there a product that I can place in my car and drive a specific route and capture data on devices that this machine interacts with? I would like to tie this into a broader marketing campaign where we can use this information to determine views or eyes that saw an advertisement...
  3. navinb

    What Should I charge for advertising on my PR1 blog?

    I am a newbie on BHW. My blog is now PR1 on google. Although I have adsense on it, I would like to offer links and banners on a monthly charged basis. What should I charge? I would really appreciate your inputs. Thanks
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