What Should I charge for advertising on my PR1 blog?


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Jun 25, 2009
I am a newbie on BHW. My blog is now PR1 on google. Although I have adsense on it, I would like to offer links and banners on a monthly charged basis. What should I charge? I would really appreciate your inputs. Thanks
It really depends on how much traffic your site receives, on the niche and how targeted (if its really specific, you get to charge a premium :)) the traffic is.
What niche?

Where does your traffic come from?

How deep are the advertisee's pockets?
$8 per month. That's about what TLA sell them for (the PR1's).

Also, depends if it is only home page, or in a sidebar and on everypage.

If you can limit it, you can sell it for more.
Thanks a lot. What's TLA?

My blog is updated news content with visitors from India and US mainly. Since it is a free blogspot blog, I do not have control over putting advertising on isolated pages, guess will have to just put the links or banners and they will appear on all pages. I would appreciate if you could share any better way of controlling advertising.

Two more of my blogs in different niches generate $1+ per day with adsense, they are not that old yet, one is about a month and a half and the other is 3 months old and I expect them to get ranked soon. These are on wordpress and I have control on adverts on pages, so I will use your suggestions on them as well. Thanks again!
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