copywriting help

  1. Nobel Laurete

    Finally, A Content Writer Who Understands your Need, Delivers Quality and Provides Lightning Fast TAT

  2. Gebb

    Suggestions about some resources for a better content writing?

    Do you have some books/courses/resources that have changed your view on content writing and improved your writing skills? I want (and probably I also need) to find a way to check whether my writed content is good or not, and also improve in that, so I just want to ask if you have some...
  3. E

    Free Copywriting service

    Hello, This is my first post here. I am starting my career in copywriting and I know the best way to become good at it is to practice that's why I am offering my services for FREE. Yes, you heard me right... I am offering my service for NO COST at all. Here are a few things I’m good at...
  4. BlueCatServices

    My first (but very important) copywriting [Feedback Request]

    Hi friends, in these days i'm setting up my first business online. I created my website and make some analysis about my niche and i ended up to set the home page as a text-only landing page. So, for the first time, i had to face copywriting. A short premise. I provide services such as VBA...
  5. Jamaicanghost

    Any copywriters here! How did you get your first client?

    How did you get your first client? did you wait until your skills was perfect?
  6. CopywriterKate

    Copywriting Kate here!

    Hey people, I just joined and wanted to introduce myself. I have 30 years' marketing experience and I'm a Uk-based freelance copywriter. I'm here to learn, and to hopefully make some money in creative and innovative ways!
  7. apex2013

    US (Native English) Sales Copywriter Wanted

    My copywriting service is starting to grow, and at times I just have way more business than I can handle. Any other solid native US English copywriters here who have some time to fill? Payout: $1 per 20 words, if delivered within 24 hrs $0.90 per 20 words, if delivered within 48 hrs $0.80 per...
  8. H

    Long Time Fan First Time Poster

    I've gained some awesome insights and was able to do some really cool things after reading stuff on here, which is extremely helpful considering last year I was a high powered executive then my mental health plummeted within a 6-month span. I could not maintain a day job at the high functioning...
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