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  1. jeffz

    Is it just me?

    We use Saas product everyday but we hardly see thread discussing about it, including copywriting. Are people less interested in such aspects here? For those of us that don’t know what is SAAS it means; Software as a service . E.g any social media automation , link building , invoice management...
  2. Ash1

    Need a Freelance Journalist for B2B writing

    Hi there, The project details are as follows: Type: B2B (Product Descriptions, Informative Articles) Word limit: Anything between 500 and 2500 words English: US The project is long-term and research-intensive. Need someone who can join immediately. I need an individual freelancer and not a...
  3. Ronda Curone

    Old Newbie

    Hi, I'm Ronda I am new to the group, and here to learn! While I'm not new to Internet Marketing, I just discovered Copywriting was right up my alley and something I should have started into decades ago. I'm 55, so I'm trying to learn the ropes as fast as I can (internal clock is...