copyright banned

  1. raj5151

    Fighting against fake copyright claims in YouTube by Aiplex

    Here lot of success stories in this forum. They are useful to us to succeed in our IM carrier. On the other side we need to know about some serious issues, how this type of issue affect our IM carrier completely. I am online marketer and content creator, IM is my full time job. Two months before...
  2. B

    Copyrighted content was found in your video

    Your video has been blocked. Copyrighted content was found in your video. Because of the claimant's policy, this video can't be played on YouTube. VIEWING RESTRICTIONS Video blocked in all countries. There are those who can handle the problem by editing these videos I am looking for a way to...
  3. D

    YT Channel banned for copyright, will my future earnings from adsense get blocked?

    Long story short, about a month ago one of my channels was banned for copyright issues. I have just created a new YT channel and associated the new channel with the adsense account that has my copyright banned YT channel linked to it. However, since both of these channels, copyright banned and...