cookie stuffing

  1. M

    Internet Blackhat marketing specialist needed for ads on website NOT google adwords, CPA, CPC, CPE

    SHORT VERSION: Paying for acknowledgment of a Code, Method, System, Trick, Technique, Strategy, etc. related to non obtrusive ads on a website but still getting payed. Not google adwords, not CPA, not PPC, not CPE, etc. Mostly CPM or active view. Website has 5000k minimum users per video, need...
  2. B

    Cookie Stuffing Question

    Some prohibited question and edited. Sorry.
  3. browsing_hosts

    Even Yahoo is promoting blackhat cookie stuffing? lol The website says it all....:nana:
  4. A

    Need Advice Of IsDark Forum ?

    Hey Guys has any body knows and join with isdark i have been looking and read about this forum, but i still need honest review regarding IsDark since cost to join is so expensive, but it looks very interesting. please help me with your honest reviews of isDark especially from the...
  5. S

    Earn and Get Even Black Hat Way

    Hi! Let's say that I still have an ftp access to one of the websites of my previous employer and want to get even with him. Any tips what can I do that will give me monetary benefit from his site without him knowing it? *cookies* TIA
  6. xboxps3wow

    Iframe killed my site...

    So, I added an iframe to my site and after a week or so, it dropped to page 3... I removed the iframe and now its back up to original position on the first page. Why would this happen? Did google think I was cookie stuffing?
  7. K

    Cookie Stuffing Joint Venture, Anyone?

    Guys, I am new to this cookie stuffing business, if anyone is good at this business, I am willing to do joint venture with them. All clear reports will be presented and 50/50 venture. Anyone up for it, Pm me. Thanks
  8. mystery

    Hostgator Affiliate Account Canceled! But...

    Ok, my blackhat hostgator affiliate account has been canceled today, due to cookie stuffing. Lost around $350. I still have my main account though (the one for whitehat activities), but I do recall using a bit of cookie stuffing there as well when I first started out. Question is: is...
  9. J

    Am I Breaking Ebays Terms Risking Getting Banned?

    I have this method I stumbled across that is making so decent money over the last few days on Ebay. It's not a ton, but I haven't blown it out test it out more. My stats seems somewhat normal..but the EPC is high: $50 Here is Oct so far: Program Impressions Clicks EPC ($) Earnings ($) Total...
  10. hogatoga

    The way that I have made money with adsense

    A while back, there was someone on ebay selling "interstitial" traffic. That is just traffic that involves a page that is not a pop-up but a transitional ad. I bought 10,000,000 of these interstitial ads for around 1200 bux. I sent all of this traffic to my website that had adsense, with a the...
  11. Orebil

    Ebay somehow jailing Javascript?

    Has anyone dug deep into ebay's JS code? It seems they're somehow jailing certain attributes and commands to prevent them from running. My JS debugger says the script is executing but nothing happens. It works fine off of ebay. I could dig through their code but it's rather extensive. Has anyone...
  12. goawayplease

    Blackhat Traffic Spoofer

    Hello everyone, I've been lurking here for awhile, and I've learned quite a bit so far and I'm really getting ready to dive into black hat marketing full time. Part of my preparation has been working on a tool for some of my own ideas, which I quickly realized might be useful to the people...
  13. applebutton

    Cookie Stuffin Iframed page with jpg php redirect

    Hey I wanted to see if anyone knew the answer to this. I made a page with a php image redirect through .htaccess to stuff cookies let's call it page A.html. If I put A.html in an iframe on page B.html. Which page will show as the referring site to the affiliate program page A or B?
  14. alfardo

    quick redirect and stuffing question.

    I was wondering i have been stuffing links using the invisible pop up generator which give you a script to put on your page. Will that script work on a page that just has a ph redirect on it?
  15. E

    Cookie Stuffin a BANS site?

    Has anyone done this? I'm not sure if the cookie a BANS site places is for only that particular item that the person clicks on or what. Is is possible to stuff a cookie for any user that comes to a BANS site? Any thoughts or ideas?
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