1. MaddMushroom

    SEO in the real world

    Hullo Hatters! So today I come to you with a practicality question. I'm still rather new here so please be overly specific with your answers. My question is this: How is SEO as a skill imported into the real world? Let me give an example. Say I learn all this SEO stuff, How to bring in more...
  2. R_Fatale

    Advice on release forms, for porn models and producers.

    Hello everyone! If any of you have had done photography shoots/produced content commercially or worked in the filming industry, I have some questions that you might be able to help me with. I'd like to know what is a release form? How can it be used? Why is it important to have a release...
  3. K

    ClickWrap Agreement - How Do You Make One?

    Hey Guys, How do you make and add a 'clickwrap agreement' to your website? Anyone have any experience in this?