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    Managed Blogs Thread_final_ver2.jpg

    Managed Blogs Services
  2. Elysional


    Content Gorilla 2.0 Pro -STRIPE For the first 25 people who write "DISCOUNT" to the topic, the fee will be applied as $15 and I will send you a special PM Content Creaite Elysional Plan -STRIPE For the first 25 people who write "DISCOUNT" to the topic, the fee will be applied as $15 and I...
  3. ranga

    What Software or SAAS for Managing Writers & Editors

    hi, I am hiring 2-3 freelance writers and 1 editor to proofread their articles online. Need help on how to manage them and keep track of things like articles written articles approved articles send back for revisions which articles are posted how much payment to make to everybody etc. How...
  4. B

    On Page SEO in LIGHT of PPC Compaigns

    Hi I need a decent guy with skill sets on doing the correct ON PAGE SEO Job includes 1- Article quality check 2- Adding keywords (we advise them or we keep it open to discuss, but has to be done Through keyword Planner in light of Add words campaigns) 3- Amending Article (making it relevant...
  5. S

    How to generate a link asset and what to look out for when outsourcing link building work

  6. J

    Are you using LightCMS for your clients?

    Hi guys, I am new in this forum and I would like to know your ideas and experiences. Is anyone here using LightCMS to offer web design for their clients? What are the pros and cons of using this cms?
  7. V

    How to build Deals Website with wordpress?

    Hi, friends I just want to know how can i make deals website just like any other deals website like etc I want to offer best deals in my city on my website pls help me and tell which software i should use or which is the best script for such sites also would like to know...
  8. H

    < l00king to make m0ney and friends >

    Hey all! I am HackerIncognito! I would like to become one of the best at this internet. I am looking for people that have similar interests; making money online. I do Craigslist marketing to make ends meet. I am looking to get into something a little easier. I can do most anything when it...
  9. Surgeon

    I need to make a website to my Boss...

    Dear friends. I ask for your help because I need to make a website to my boss. I have made some websites before, but I used mainly Frontpage and basic html programing for the process...but this time I need a script with a "backoffice" that I can easily access from a browser and change content. A...
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